A Very Beary Holiday – Jewelry for National Teddy Bear Day

Tomorrow is National Teddy Bear Day, and for everyone out there, whether pierced or not, I have just one question: who doesn’t love a good teddy bear?

National Teddy Bear Day

As fashion has proved through various means, teensy plush teddies are not just the stuff of babies‘ rooms and fanciful tea party frocks, they’re also a standing symbol of comfort and cool in adulthood for young and old alike.  After all, when even prominent ladies mainstay designer Chanel comes out with a temptingly comfy, teddy splashed garment, it seems to be time to pay attention.

Chanel Teddy Bear Shirt Dress

And as she so aptly proved on the cover of the Asos April 2009 magazine issue, even Lady Gaga goes gaga for teddy bears.

Lady Gaga Posing for Asos Cover with Teddy Jewelry

More recently these stuffed snugglies have branched out their appeal into jewelry, as the availability of teddy earrings, necklaces, and belly rings continues to rise in all of it’s cutest glory.

Girl Wearing Teddy Bear Earrings

Just check out some of these sweet little picks:

Belly Button Rings Featuring Teddy Bears

So whether you’re seventeen or seventy, take a snuggle tomorrow in celebration, and don’t forget your favorite fuzzy friend, the teddy bear.

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