New Health Craze – Facial Piercings?!

In a country like the United States where health, weight management, and holistic medicine are a booming national industry, it’s usually easy to spot the next big thing.  But what if the next big thing is already a “big thing” in it’s own right?  That right, I’m talking about facial piercings.  We all know that facial piercings look great, allow for a variety of changing looks, and conform to a cultural standard that’s setting them apart more and more every day, but did you ever think that your piercings could become a healthy living choice?  Well, the answer already being given by some pierced persons out there might just surprise and enlighten you.

Ayurveda Style Nose Piercing in India

There are actually cultures around the world that have promoted piercings of certain parts of the human face as a health tool for years.  Amongst the most common instance is traditional Indian medicine called “Ayurveda,” which states that piercing of the female nose is believed to improve feminine health.  This goes for everything from reproductive health, to the natural glow attained from healthy skin and the ability to rear children.  And India isn’t the only face piercing culture in the know; other ancient and traditional forms of Eastern medicine also show how piercings of certain points on the face are believed to aid skin health and whole body well being, like acupuncture.

Facial Acupressure Points

The idea behind acupuncture is that the insertion of a needle into certain pressure points on the body, or “acupressure points” will effect overall health or even illness in a positive way by realigning the body’s energy force or “qi” (pronounced chee).  Many of these points can be found on the face, neck, and even the ears and are touted as helpful in everything from decreasing headaches, to softening wrinkles, to helping you quit smoking.

Recognizable Facial Acupressure Points

Although modern medicine has yet to fully embrace these ideas, it’s interesting to think that when studying a chart of acupressure points, some of the placements accepted by the general professions of acupuncture and acupressure massage will be startlingly familiar to those in the piercing community.  Some you might recognize?  The exact points on the face where you would expect to see a labret piercing, medusa piercing, tragus piercing, or a set of dahlia bites (piercings at each corner of the mouth).

Pressure Point Corresponding Piercings

Although there’s no proof that piercing any specific spot on the body has a direct link to your health or can cure any kind of pain, countries like India, China, and Peru continue to pierce in their traditional fashions as per the belief systems that they’ve held for centuries.  And while the United States may be slightly behind the curve in terms of cultural meaning for this type of piercing, one day soon you may find an alternative therapist in your area asking, “have you ever considered what a nose piercing could do for your health?”  It looks like facial piercings’ future may be healthy indeed.


  1. Kassy Irving says:

    Why didn’t anyone tell me this!? Woulda got my nose pierced ages ago!

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