White After Labor Day – Body Piercing Trends

We all know the old adage: you can’t wear white after Labor Day.  But in the world of body piercings, white after Labor Day isn’t just done, it’s done to perfection in a whole new way!

white after Labor Day

Just look at some of the most popular ways to wear your white all year.  The first trend that’s been exploding is white hair with piercings.  Short or long, with highlights, lowlights, or bright strands, white hair and facial piercings is definitely the youthful fashion of the moment.

facial piercings and white hair trend

As for the jewelry, some of the most sought after white pieces of pierced fare are the belly ring,

white and white gold belly button rings

plugs and tunnels,

white plugs, tunnels, and tapers

and thanks to super celeb Amber Rose, the lip ring.  (Not all of us will look as fabulous with it as she does, of course.)

amber rose with a white lip ring

The new generation of piercees is anything but country club, and in the modern era, white after Labor Day isn’t just accepted, it’s expected.

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