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TGIF – a Tribute to the Fashion of the Weekend

Thank Goodness it's Friday

It’s almost here.  The long-awaited weekend.  For anyone who’s in college or even high school, or who works at a job that’s less than friendly towards visible tattooing and piercings, the weekend is the time when we can really let loose.  It’s the time when all of our favorite jewelry comes out, our tattoos show off, and our interestingly colored hair can be let down.  So in the spirit of uniqueness and knowing how to have a good time, here it is: a tribute to the artful fashion of the weekend.

Weekend Style for Alternative and Pierced

Weekend chic isn’t just a fabulous phrase anymore, it’s an actual phenomena that’s sweeping the world of alternative fashion.  Even popular culture is influencing the trend, with singers like Rihanna and Katy Perry spitting out weekend anthems like wild fire, and crazy punk and club brands turning out everything from glow in the dark hoodies to purposely destroyed stockings.  It sure is a wonderful time to be a pierced goth, punk, or alternative chick.

Video Shots from Cheers and Last Friday Nightscreen shots from Rihanna’s “Cheers” and Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”

So how do you pull together a hot party look for whatever your weekend entails?  I personally start with glow, animal print, snake skin (faux of course), glitter, or neon, and then let the mood take me.

Glow in the dark weekend jewelry

Just check out the hot new brand of snake skin.  Perfect for the club, and with some added shimmer and a dose of hot color.  Absolutely fabulous.

Hot snake skin weekend jewelry

And glitter, for it’s part, has been through some serious changes since the 90’s, and we’re loving every minute of it.  Galactic looking shimmer is definitely a favorite, more modern, and less clunky way to bling.  As the popular phrasing goes, “sparkle, sparkle.”

Cool glitter body jewelry

So here’s to the weekend, preserver of our sanity, purveyor of partying down, and unflinching guardian of a little thing we like to call “fun.”  TGI (seriously!) F.

Comic Book Geek Chic and National Comic Book Day

For those who don’t know, yesterday, September 25th, was National Comic Book Day.  With the rash of comic superheroes being brought to the big screen in recent years, it’s definitely no surprise that it’s become fashionable and chic to be a comic book geek.  Of those movies surrounding comic book heroes in the past decade we have the Spiderman franchise, the Fantastic Four series, the Incredible Hulk, the Matrix Trilogy, the X-Men movies (now numbering five), Hellboy and its sequel, the new Batman flicks, Ghost Rider, Iron Man (which also has a follow-up), Watchmen, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, remakes of the Punisher, and the less than stellar Daredevil.  And that’s not to include lesser well known comic book hero spin-offs (like Elektra and Catwoman) and those originals based around the more generalized super hero mythology, like Hancock and My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

X-Men Wolverine, Thor, and Iron Man Movie Posters

Released in 2011 were Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, and the Green Hornet respectively, and whispers of the upcoming for 2012 include more from Spiderman, Superman, and the Dark Knight, along with introductions to Green Arrow, the Avengers, Silver Surfer, and possible film appearances from Wonder Woman and the Flash.

Marvel and Dc Comics Super Hero Jewelry

So now that super heroes are a super fashion “do,” what’s a comic book lover to wear?  The answer is just about anything you want!  Along with the rising trend of hero and heroinedom comes the availability of super sweet character-based clothing and jewelry.  Just check out some of those who have taken the leap:

People Wearing Comic Book Hero Jewelryfrom left: Thor’s Hammer necklace, Punisher ear plugs, and Superman pierced earrings

Pretty super, huh?

Comic Book Hero and Character Body Jewelry

Fall Trend Report – Hottest Body Jewelry Trends for Autumn

With Fall looming just 24 hours away, it’s hard to be psyched about the impending cold weather.  But there’s one thing that’ll always be cause for Autumn celebration: hot new Fall Fashion.  So without further ado, here it is: the Fall fashion trends body jewelry overview.  Enjoy!

Trend #1: Hot Color

On Trend with super brights for Fall

From hair, to clothes, jewelry, and even lingerie, super-saturated brights are super in for Fall.  Just take a cue from Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.  Best body jewelry bet: keeping it simple with solid, vivid acrylics.  Love that pink!

Hot Neon Piercing Jewelry

Trend #2: Animal Print

Fall Animal Print and Skin Trend

This isn’t your mama’s same awkward 80’s animal print.  New and interesting faux skins are becoming a huge trend this cold season, and snake skin, monochrome spots, and new takes on zebra are all at the forefront of this update on animal.

Cool Animal Print Fall Jewelry

Trend #3 Chain, chain, chain

Fall Layered Chain Jewelry Trend

Multiple layers of chains are absolutely everywhere, and add interest and shimmer without being blindingly blingy.  Best body jewelry bet: for added interest blend chain styles and add subtle gem accents but stay away from uber-bling to avoid overdoing it.

Cool Multiple Chain Jewelry for Fall

Trend #4 Retro Rockabilly

Sweet Retro Style for Autumn

Retro tattoo art, styles, and motifs continue their rise to the top, bringing a sweet and flirty vintage feel to heavier Fall layers.  For a look at the Rockabilly style in particular, just copycat Dita Von Teese’s vivid colors, retro patterns, and antiqued jewels.

Cute Retro Cherry Body Jewelry

Trend #5 Naturally Neutral

Neutral and Nude Hues for Fall

Flesh tones, subdued pastels, and ultra-neutral bronzes and taupes are the hot ticket for looking pulled together and polished for fabulous Fall occassions.  Even as an unpierced celebrity, Kristen Stewart recently rocked this trend to perfection with a nude dress covered in sequins.  Best body jewelry bets: go for simple shapes and muted tones that are slightly off shade with your skin.  Trés chic.

Skin tone ear plug Titanium Bronze Body JewelryTaupe Colored Faux Pearl Drop Earrings

Trend Update – Belly Button Piercing in Comic Book Cosplay

For those of you who may not recognize the term “cosplay,” essentially it means playing a favorite comic book hero in costume, like dressing up as Wonder Woman to go to a comic book convention.  The comic book trend has reached an all time high in the past decade, with higher turnouts at local conventions, and more comic book hero movies coming to the big screen than ever before (the Spiderman franchise, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men series, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Green Lantern, just to name a few).

Belly Rings for Character Costume

But the most impressive trend tied to super heros and comic book heroins for the pierced in the amazing rise in cosplay.  Character photography is everywhere, costumes are now readily available, as well as fabrics for designing custom creations, and there are even entire shops in areas of Japan dedicated solely to character play and costume.

For those of us with belly piercings, the amazing addition of a spectacular navel ring is the finishing touch to our favorite costume.  Recently the most popular styles have come to include stars for many female characters.

Star Themed Belly Button Rings for Cosplay

Also picking up speed are rich looking cascade design belly rings (those that have elongated chandelier dangles that form an oblong or diamond shape.)

Cascading Dangle Belly Rings for Cosplay

And lets not forget the advent of blended bright colors, which really adds that little something extra to a simple character ensemble.

Bright Belly Rings for Costume Play

With so many amazing and blingy, hero worthy belly rings out there, it seems there’s no excuse for not getting into the cosplay spirit, even if it is just for Halloween.

Traditional Meets Modern – Jewelry Celebration for Oktoberfest

It’s time again for one of the best festivals of the year.  No, I’m not talking about Burning Man or Coachella Music Festival.  I’m talking about the first holiday of Autumn, and arguably the coolest for those legally of age: Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Gate in Munich

This year’s Oktoberfest will begin on September 17th and run until October 3rd.  The festival usually culminates on the first Sunday of October, but due to new laws passed in a reunited Germany, when first Sunday is the 2nd of the month, the holiday closes on the 3rd, which is German Unity Day.  The real Oktoberfest is held in Bavaria (specifically, in the Theresienwiese, a field near the town center in Munich) and includes special Bavarian beer, traditional German food and delicacies, and folk music.  Other Oktoberfest celebrations will be held worldwide in imitation of the original festival, and will run for the same or similar duration celebrating German heritage, the fall harvest, and of course, beer.

Oktoberfest Beer servers in traditional costume

Whether of German descent or not, Oktoberfest is a holiday that demands friends, fun, and flamboyant celebration.  All manner of buttons, shirts, belt buckles, necklaces, and other jewelry are common party wear when attending Oktoberfest events, and should be worn with pride for the duration of this awesome 17 day affair.

And who could forget, the newcomer to the Oktoberfest accessory line-up: the belly ring.  This item has become popular festival fare in the United States in particular, as local beer companies bring out beautiful young piercees in their Bavarian attire to join in the festival for a modern update on time-honored traditional fun.

Belly Jewelry for Celebrating Oktoberfest

From 1810 to the present day, Oktoberfest has evolved, but retained it’s folk appeal and focus.  So get your Bavarian beer steins ready, throw on your lederhosen, and prepare for the knödel, because this time of year is truly a time to celebrate.  O’ zapft is!

Jewelry for a Fashionable Future – Celebrating Fortune Cookie Day

Tomorrow is National Fortune Cookie Day, and we’re ready to celebrate!  And what’s the best way to celebrate the illustrious life and times of one of the world’s favorite cookies?  Okay, the second best way (eating it would definitely come first): by paying homage to our fave Chinese treat with some sweet Chinese style.

Celebrating Fortune Cookie Day in style

Chinese character jewelry is still a big trend for fall, along with silk mandarin style tops and dresses, and splashes of ethereal Chinese red.  For an easy way to rock your red, all you need is to pucker up, or to throw on some cool red jewelry.

Chinese Red Colored Body Jewelry

As for the Chinese characters, embracing the color of the moment is a sure way to go.  Just look at all of the gorgeous pink kanji jewelry out there right now.

Pink Toned Chinese Symbol Jewelry

And the last Chinese jewelry trend we’ll look at: applying modern materials to the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy.  Media like lucite, Austrian crystal, titanium, acrylics, and natural material including carved stone, bone, or horn are a hot ticket right now.

Belly Ring Styles with Chinese characters

So throw on your Chinese slippers, brake out the lo mein, and crack open a delectable batch of your favorite wise and wicked snack.  Happy Fortune Cookie Day.

A Very Beary Holiday – Jewelry for National Teddy Bear Day

Tomorrow is National Teddy Bear Day, and for everyone out there, whether pierced or not, I have just one question: who doesn’t love a good teddy bear?

National Teddy Bear Day

As fashion has proved through various means, teensy plush teddies are not just the stuff of babies‘ rooms and fanciful tea party frocks, they’re also a standing symbol of comfort and cool in adulthood for young and old alike.  After all, when even prominent ladies mainstay designer Chanel comes out with a temptingly comfy, teddy splashed garment, it seems to be time to pay attention.

Chanel Teddy Bear Shirt Dress

And as she so aptly proved on the cover of the Asos April 2009 magazine issue, even Lady Gaga goes gaga for teddy bears.

Lady Gaga Posing for Asos Cover with Teddy Jewelry

More recently these stuffed snugglies have branched out their appeal into jewelry, as the availability of teddy earrings, necklaces, and belly rings continues to rise in all of it’s cutest glory.

Girl Wearing Teddy Bear Earrings

Just check out some of these sweet little picks:

Belly Button Rings Featuring Teddy Bears

So whether you’re seventeen or seventy, take a snuggle tomorrow in celebration, and don’t forget your favorite fuzzy friend, the teddy bear.

New Health Craze – Facial Piercings?!

In a country like the United States where health, weight management, and holistic medicine are a booming national industry, it’s usually easy to spot the next big thing.  But what if the next big thing is already a “big thing” in it’s own right?  That right, I’m talking about facial piercings.  We all know that facial piercings look great, allow for a variety of changing looks, and conform to a cultural standard that’s setting them apart more and more every day, but did you ever think that your piercings could become a healthy living choice?  Well, the answer already being given by some pierced persons out there might just surprise and enlighten you.

Ayurveda Style Nose Piercing in India

There are actually cultures around the world that have promoted piercings of certain parts of the human face as a health tool for years.  Amongst the most common instance is traditional Indian medicine called “Ayurveda,” which states that piercing of the female nose is believed to improve feminine health.  This goes for everything from reproductive health, to the natural glow attained from healthy skin and the ability to rear children.  And India isn’t the only face piercing culture in the know; other ancient and traditional forms of Eastern medicine also show how piercings of certain points on the face are believed to aid skin health and whole body well being, like acupuncture.

Facial Acupressure Points

The idea behind acupuncture is that the insertion of a needle into certain pressure points on the body, or “acupressure points” will effect overall health or even illness in a positive way by realigning the body’s energy force or “qi” (pronounced chee).  Many of these points can be found on the face, neck, and even the ears and are touted as helpful in everything from decreasing headaches, to softening wrinkles, to helping you quit smoking.

Recognizable Facial Acupressure Points

Although modern medicine has yet to fully embrace these ideas, it’s interesting to think that when studying a chart of acupressure points, some of the placements accepted by the general professions of acupuncture and acupressure massage will be startlingly familiar to those in the piercing community.  Some you might recognize?  The exact points on the face where you would expect to see a labret piercing, medusa piercing, tragus piercing, or a set of dahlia bites (piercings at each corner of the mouth).

Pressure Point Corresponding Piercings

Although there’s no proof that piercing any specific spot on the body has a direct link to your health or can cure any kind of pain, countries like India, China, and Peru continue to pierce in their traditional fashions as per the belief systems that they’ve held for centuries.  And while the United States may be slightly behind the curve in terms of cultural meaning for this type of piercing, one day soon you may find an alternative therapist in your area asking, “have you ever considered what a nose piercing could do for your health?”  It looks like facial piercings’ future may be healthy indeed.

White After Labor Day – Body Piercing Trends

We all know the old adage: you can’t wear white after Labor Day.  But in the world of body piercings, white after Labor Day isn’t just done, it’s done to perfection in a whole new way!

white after Labor Day

Just look at some of the most popular ways to wear your white all year.  The first trend that’s been exploding is white hair with piercings.  Short or long, with highlights, lowlights, or bright strands, white hair and facial piercings is definitely the youthful fashion of the moment.

facial piercings and white hair trend

As for the jewelry, some of the most sought after white pieces of pierced fare are the belly ring,

white and white gold belly button rings

plugs and tunnels,

white plugs, tunnels, and tapers

and thanks to super celeb Amber Rose, the lip ring.  (Not all of us will look as fabulous with it as she does, of course.)

amber rose with a white lip ring

The new generation of piercees is anything but country club, and in the modern era, white after Labor Day isn’t just accepted, it’s expected.