Turning Japanese – Japan’s Influence on Piercing and Tattoo Culture

What’s the latest cultural craze amongst the young and pierced?  Why, Japanese fashion of course.  Harajuku style fashion is becoming more mainstream in the US and the UK, along with several other countries around the world, but here in our own little corner of North America, it seems that lately everyone is turning Japanese.

Japanese piercing, hair and style

The more feminine side of this awesome trend is the updated Fall fashion looks from designers major and independent alike that are Japanese batik laden and kimono inspired.  From silken shirts and wide sleeve wrap dresses to direct imitations of traditional kimono, these hot pieces are being mixed with contemporary tattoo art and monochrome facial piercings for a look that’s East meets West and then some.

Fall Kimono and Tattoo art

Anime colored hair is also making a huge appearance, even in the mainstream sector of celebrity based fashion, with every color of the rainbow now being seen on everyone from the famous, to the frugal, to even business executives.  Sometimes it’s even paired with eyes that match.  (That’s Katy Perry in the middle!)

Anime Colored Hair Trend

And leave it to Japan to start new trends in piercing itself.  Years ago when androgynous chic first came into the forefront, gothic styled male musicians in Japan began piercing their bellies, a micro trend which has slowly made it’s way through Europe and into the US.  The look of a single, off-center lip hoop can also arguably be attributed to the  growing appeal of Japanese rock music , as several prominent personalities in the country began rocking this style long before it reached the height of popularity in the West.

Men's Belly piercingJapanese Style off center lip hoop

Even motifs that are decidedly Nihongo have steadily become standard fare in the world of clothing and jewelry.  Just look at the ready availability of koi fish and sakura spangled merchandise.

Koi Fish Motif Jewelry and Accessories

So what does the future hold for our sushi eating, kimono-clad, manga amassing subculture?  In a world where trends are in constant flux, only time will tell.

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