Jewelry That’s Peachy – Celebrating National Peach Month

It’s National Peach Month in the month of August, and it’s time to celebrate in style, with peachy colored jewelry!

Girl with Peach Hair

It seems that lately everyone who has a belly button piercing has been stepping out in perfectly peachy navel rings, and I have to say, it’s a trend I could get used to (I have a belly piercing too!).

Peachy Belly piercing Jewelry

Even the stars are bearing their belly with peachy goodness.  Remember when Heidi Montag first unveiled her belly piercing on MTV?  That’s right.  Her navel ring was peach colored (and gorgeous.)

Heid Montag's Peach Belly Piercing

Peach earrings seem to be a fairly widespread trend as well.  In fact, I even found some earrings that literally looked like a halved piece of fruit.  Um….maybe that’s a little bit too peachy?  Don’t be discouraged though, because the best of the peach-toned set is far from satirical and only hints at actual peaches.  Think round crystals in soft salmony tones.

Earrings that look like peaches

If you’re looking to get your hands on some peach inspired earrings or belly rings of your own, check out these options:

Peachy Piercing Jewelry

The month of August as far as body jewelry goes isn’t just good, it’s downright peachy.


  1. Frank Zacharias says:

    looking for a pair of your peach earrings for my daughter “Peaches”

    Thank you,


  2. Oh how adorable! The only thing I’ve seen that’s still for sale is these pretty peach blossom ones here: earrings (They look kind of like the flowers that grow on peach trees.) But I’ll keep my eyes open. 🙂

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