Spotlight on Uniqueness in Piercing – Industrial Barbells

One of the coolest, most unique, and customizable piercings is the industrial piercing.  These piercings can be done any which way, in varying directions, and through many different parts of the ear cartilage.  They can even be made in multiples that either intersect or parallel one another, which is called a “cage.”

Industrial Barbell Styles

To a great extent the jewelry that is worn in an industrial is what really sets it apart.  Barbells go from straight, to curved, to wave shaped, to spiral, to just about any shape that a piece of barbell body jewelry can be bent into.  Some industrial wearers even get their jewelry custom bent for a one of a kind look that makes their industrial piercing stand out.

wave and spiral industrials

Just check out these awesome custom bends:

bent industrials

Pretty neat, huh?  And when you think about all of the color and decoration combinations that are possible, it’s hard to imagine seeing the same industrial twice!  Some of the most popular jewelry trends right now include spike shaped tips, center decoration, and extreme wave.

popular industrial barbell styles

Now that’s what I call a unique piece of body art.


  1. you should actually start mass producing all the cool custom industrial barbells so everybody can get them

  2. I have an industrial piercing but it’s not in your usual place in the ear. I see all these wicked designs for an industrial barbell and I really want a customised bar that isn’t expensive, has plenty of room for ear and most of all looks FAB.

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