Super Celebrity Jewelry Trend – Cocktail Rings

Make a statement and show off your remarkable style with gorgeous cocktail rings! These large and flashy rings add feminine flair and fun to any outfit. Cocktail rings were originally worn in the 1920’s during prohibition. Women wore these bold, attention demanding rings as a style of status. They were also worn at cocktail parties to signify that the wearer was drinking illegally, and that they were doing it with style! Either way, these rings were the center of attention.

Flapper Wearing Cocktail Ring

There are many different types of cocktail rings. Styles include antique, vintage, Victorian, exotic, modern and funky. There are also handmade, glass, and graffiti style cocktail rings. The unique designs range from classic to contemporary and from edgy to urban. Cocktail rings can be accented with gold, silver, cubic zirconia, gems, glitter, diamonds and more! Stretch rings are one of the most popular types of cocktail rings, giving you that comfortable fit that can be worn on almost any finger. You’ll never have to worry about sizing with the fashionable flexible band. Other styles include double rings, stack rings and other glamorous rings that are distinctly modern. In addition, the colors, shapes and patterns are endless. No wonder these rings are the top trend in the fashion industry ring now!

Ring Sizing Chart

Celebrities are responsibility for making cocktail rings so popular and trendy. Each ring is unique and chic, making it the focal point of any outfit. Celebrities like Beyonce and Rosario Dawson are wearing them at various events as an instant boost of bling.

Beyonce and Paris wearing Cocktail RingsBeyonce and Paris Hilton rock oversized flowering rings

Rosario and Kristen Wearing Cocktail RingsKristen Cavalleri and Rosario Dawson go for simple chic vintage styles

Cocktail rings can be worn on any finger, but most celebrities in the media wear theirs on the right hand index finger, like Angelina Jolie. Cocktail rings are a great way to add glam to any look. There’s just something fabulous and effortless about the cocktail ring.

Angelina Wearing a Cocktail Ring

With cocktails rings you can be confident in your look. The most popular colors ‘in fashion’ right now are amethyst, emerald and turquoise, but any color can be worn to compliment and spice up your outfit. When it comes to cocktail rings you’ll be sure to turn heads with a style that reflects you. These ‘diva like’ rings are big, bold and beautiful for a reason… so strut your stuff girls!

Kelly Wearing Chanel RingKelly Carlson steps out in a Chanel flower ring

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