Jewelry and Accessory Fall Trend Watch – Tie-Dye

Cool Tie Dye Trend

What’s the newest vintage 90’s trend to hit the street scene?  Believe it or not, it’s actually tie-dye.  Tie-dye is showing up everywhere; on hats, purses, shoes, necklaces, shades, jackets, and of course on body jewelry.  So why is the tie-dye super trend suddenly taking off?  Well as always, it seems that a mix of urban clothing brands and our favorite celebrities are the ones to blame.

Tyler the Creator in tie-dye

Tyler the Creator rocked the Pitchfork Festival this Summer in a collection of bright tie-dyed shirts, while Emma Roberts and Ashley Greene were seen at Coachella sporting sweet tie-dyed ensembles, and Katy Perry sparkled the People’s Choice Awards in dip dye.

Emma Roberts and Ashley Greene in tie-dieKaty Perry in a dip-dyed dress at the PCA's

And as for branding Levi’s, New Era, and Converse, amongst many others, have all recently come out with tie-dyed items that are absolutely fabulous.

Popular Brands Featuring Tie-Dye

Now check out all the tie-dye body piercings.  I love matching multi-tonal tie-dye style earrings going up the helix, as well as the gorgeous but simple belly ring with a dip dyed look to the gems.

Piercings in tie-dye

Bottom line: hippies aren’t the only ones who have fun with stylish splotching and color blending, and it’s not your momma’s tie-dye anymore!



  1. Not a Hippie, I promise says:

    Tie-dye is just about the only thing from the 90s besides nose rings and crop sweaters that I can stomache. It’s nice to see it come back in a more interesting, street fashiony kinda way.

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