Piercing and Jewelry Style – Steampunk!

In an age when there are so many different subcultures and styles it can be hard to keep it all straight.  One style that has been generating momentum for the past few years is the Steampunk culture.

Steampunk Styles for Men and Women

Steampunk style takes its roots in the Victorian era and focuses on how the world would be different if steam power had been used to fuel our society instead of coal and oil.   The term “steampunk” was initially coined in 1979 by K.W. Jeter, in a letter to Locus Magazine, as a word to encompass the resurgence of Victorian fantasy influence in literature. This style incorporates a mixture of science fiction and fantasy, think Jules Verne or H.G. Wells.

There are a lot of jewelry and accessory designs that incorporate antiqued gears, watches, keys, locks, grommets, buckles and more.  Most of the style is focused around metals—the older they look the better, as well as wood and leather.  A lot of the feminine clothing items are corsets, bustles, petticoats, combined with fancy Victorian-style gowns.  The male style uses a lot of suits with vests, shoe spats and top hats.  There is also a lot of focus on old-fashioned watches, pocket watches, lace or leather parasols, canes, trunks, and aviation-style goggles.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate Steampunk into your accessory collection, check out these ideas:

Tongue rings, nipple rings, or belt buckles featuring industrial metal, old-school gun motifs, or antiqued locks and keys.

Steampunk Tongue Ring Shaped Like a GearWooden Steampunk Style Gun BuckleSteampunk Antiqued Lock Nipple Ring

Belly rings, necklaces, bracelets, and finger rings featuring Victorian styling, antique tones, stacked gears and chains, or addled and cracked leather.

Steampunk Gear Cross PendantSteampunk Antiqued Victorian Belly RingSteampunk Addled Leather Ring


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