What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Body Piercings

This is it everyone; the last installment of the Piercing Dictionary, for now anyways.  It’s time for our final segment: body piercings.  Although with the advent of dermal piercing, one can be pierced nearly anywhere nowadays, I’ve stuck with the most popular piercings of the body in an attempt to keep it fresh.  Enjoy!


Navel Piercing or Belly Button Piercing: A single piercing through the upper rim of the navel.

Belly Button Piercing

Bottom Belly Piercing: Any Piercing directly underneath the belly button or through the lower rim.

Piercing of the Lower navel rim

Hip Piercing: Surface Piercing on or above the hip, generally done on both sides.

Hip surface piercings

Nape Piercing: Piercing at the nape of the neck.

nape of the neck piercing

Vampire Bite or “Vampire’s Kiss” Piercing: a surface piercing anywhere on the side of the neck, so named for its resemblance to a vampire bite, and often worn with red gems to symbolize blood.

Vampire Bite surface piercing

Madison Piercing: This is a piercing in the dent just above the collar bone.  Much in the style of the Monroe, the Madison was also named for a famous actress: former adult cinema star Madison Stone, who was the first person ever associated with the piercing.  Though the traditional style is to pierce with a surface bar or barbell, these are also often seen worn with horseshoe rings.

Madison Neck Piercing

Collar or Clavicle Piercing: One or more surface piercings of the skin across the collar bone (usually one on each side.)

collar bone piercings

Sternum or “Cleavage” Piercing: Any horizontal or vertical surface piercing over the breast bone.

Vertical Cleavage Piercing

Wrist Piercing: A horizontal surface piercing at the back of the wrist.

wrist surface piercing

Brace Piercing: When multiple surface piercings are lined up near the wrist or up the forearm.

Brace wrist piercings

Finger Piercing or “Ring” Piercing: A piercing at the base of a finger or thumb, sometimes called a ring piercing because when done with a single gem-tipped dermal, it mimics the look of a solitaire engagement ring.

Ring Dermal Piercing

Hand Web Piercing: This is exactly what it sounds like, a piercing of the thin webs of skin between any of the fingers.

Hand Web Barbell piercing

Corset piercing: A set of multiple parallel surface piercings of any shape, often worn with closure rings and laced through with ribbon to mimic the lacing of a corset.

Traditional Corset Piercings on the Back

Corset piercings started out in the traditional placement at the bottom of the back, but have now evolved to include corsetry almost anywhere on the body.  Some popular spots include the backs of the legs, the chest or neck, and the sides of the torso.

Leg, Neck, and Toso Corset Piercing


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  2. DeAnna Ervin says:

    I’ve had my belly button pierced for a year now and just got the lower one done.. do you know what the body jewelry is called when you want the ring to be in both holes?

  3. Hi DeAnna,

    Most people will just wear two separate belly button rings for a double navel piercing.

  4. Atousa Chanel says:

    As an Artist, I’m intrigued and interested in getting a dermal piercing again. I had a belly , upper rim, piercing done twice. The first one lasted about a year. I was told, initially, my abdomen region is too flat. I have great abs and wanted to show them off in style. But , I was told there’s just not enough fat present do have a belly piercing take permanently. But I ignored the advisement of the artist and went for it. A year and a half later, it fell off – on its own- without a heads up. It just fell off effortlessly. It didn’t rip anything or cause any scaring when it fell off. The sexy , diamond belly ring just dropped to the floor- one morning. Then about four years past, I was in Venus Beach and I insisted to have another belly piercing in the same area , I once had; hence, to my dismay, that too fell off about a few months later. It didn’t cause a rip but did leave a semi noticeable scar. So, I stopped the belly piercing dream and went on my way. I worried about the scarring I accumulated for the second belly piercing that remained for a short duration. And in my thirties, now, after 6 years of time passing, the scarring miraculously disappeared. My question is ,”Why the hell did my belly piercing fall off? Why was I told I don’t have enough fat in my belly area to have a belly piercing take on? I’m not super thin. In fact, I was and am athletic in condition and weigh between 125-140- as I fluctuate and had piercings done in both weight parameters. I do have a flat abdomen region, that I know. But, there are so many women that are athletic and have six packs in that region , with piercing, such as I did…and still , they remain to keep their belly ring on. So, why did mine just fall off. It’s not like I was so thin and so boney that there was no skin. More so, I wonder if a lower inner rim belly piercing is a better option to gain a belly piercing. I was never given a choice between a lower rim belly piercing or an upper rim one. So, should I , even, try getting a lower rim piercing, on my belly, the third time around? If anyone knows, please shoot me a comment. I’m also a healthcare provider with a specialty in plastic surgery and general internal medicine. And none of my colleagues seem to know why this happened to me. As I imagine, they’ve never had any dermal piercings nor researched its pros and cons. So, if anyone knows , per experience or per practicing of the piercing of such…hit me up. Much appreciated.

  5. Atousa Chanel says:

    By the way, thanks to the person who posted all the photos of all the body piercings that defined their term in definition. I wish more was explained in pros and cons.

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