What’s That Called? – Dictionary of Oral Piercings

Get ready for today’s installment of the piercing dictionary!  This time we’re going over the oral piercings; those piercings that are inside the mouth and on the tongue.  Here we go:

Tongue Piercing: A standard vertical piercing through the tongue from top to bottom.

Standard Piercing of the Tongue

Horizontal Tongue Piercing or “Snake Eyes”: A piercing horizontally through the tip of the tongue with surface jewelry or a curved barbell.

horizontal tongue piercing

Venom Bites: Two tongue piercings placed side by side on the tongue.

venom bites double tongue piercing

Angel Bite or “Double Tongue” Piercing: Two or more tongue piercings placed one in front of the other on the tongue.

angel bites double tongue piercing

Tongue Frenulum or “Tongue Web” Piercing: A Piercing through the frenulum linguae, the strip of flesh under the tongue that connects the tongue to the lower gum plate.

web or frenulum piercing

Uvula Piercing: Piercing of the uvula, the dangling tissue between your tonsils at the back of the throat.  These piercings are extremely rare due to the high risk of activating the gag reflex, which could potentially cause serious damage during the piercing process.

uvula oral piercing

Upper Frenulum Piercing or “Vampire“: One or more piercings of the upper frenulum, the tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums.

vampire (uppeer frenulum) piercings

When this is done through the central tissue (beneath the lip bow) with a barbell, it’s called a smile or Smiley, and in the bottom lip’s central connective tissue, it’s called a Frown.

smiley and frowny piercings

Dental Piercing: Any piercing of the actual tooth.  This may sound ridiculous, but it’s totally true!  These piercings are done using a dental drill and implant jewelry.  Amazing!

dental piercings

And the newest up and coming oral piercing that’s still in the beginning stages: Gum Piercings.

piercing of the gums

Stay tuned next week for the last (and funnest) installment of the piercing dictionary: body piercings!


  1. swollen uvula says:

    I liked that you mentioned about the uvula here.. really appreciating you for this article.. will come again to read more

  2. BooBooKittyF says:

    I was familiar with all of these piercings beforehand except for the vampire, dental, and gum.
    The vampire looks hella badass!
    The dental & gum is just too much for me to handle.

  3. I’ve got my venom and Angel bites 😉

  4. ❤️ haveses the angle bites 😂

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