Below the Surface – Sweet New Trends in Surface Piercing

As the amount of new and different piercing styles and methods continues to grow, piercings themselves become more and more available in places that they never were before.  With safer and more inventive ways to pierce emerging all the time, along with knowledge of better aftercare and quicker healing processes, new trends are now surfacing, spearheading some of the most interesting, amazing, and evocative piercing and jewelry styles ever seen.  I mean, just consider the evolution of the surface piercing.

Surface piercing started small, with single surface barbells in simple, easy to reach places, like the anti-eyebrow.  Though this piercing of the upper cheek or area around the outside of the eyebrow has certainly evolved, for the most part it remains a single piercing done with simple jewelry.

Cheek or Anti Eyebrow Surface Piercings

Then look at the nape piercing.  Piercing at the nape of the neck has now become popular amongst both sexes, and is a fun and flirty piercing that despite it’s position is still relatively easy to heal.  The newest developments in nape piercing include several piercings running parallel, and looks that involve intersecting piercings or “cages.”

Nape of the Neck Surface Piercings

Next we have chest piercings, another type of piercing that has grown to popularity amid both males and females.  Though there are several different places to get a surface piercing of the chest, most popular seem to be the clavicle, the décolletage, and the hollow of the collar bone (which is called a “Madison”).

Chest Surface PiercingsMadison Chest/Neck Piercing

Amongst the newer trends developing in surface piercing are the vampire bite or “vampire’s kiss,” designs on the back, the corset, and arm piercings.  A vampire bite piercing is another neck piercing, but this time placed at the side of the neck, where one would expect to be bitten by the undead.

Vampire Bite Surface Piercing

Our old friend the corset piercing has seen some serious action lately too, with new piercing methods and healing provisions increasing the ability to actually heal and wear this amazing work of art.

Corsets - Multiple Surface Piercings

And along with back corsetry comes the advent of more interesting and beautiful surface designs of the back skin, ranging from upper back to lower back to whole entire back!

Surface Piercings on the Back

Then finally, one of the neatest things to spring up: arm piercings.  No longer just temporary, piercings of the wrist, forearm, and even the entire length of the arm are cropping up more and more recently.  They’re even an available character accessory on popular online role playing game IMVU.

Amazing Arm and Wirst Surface Piercings

Talk about really digging beneath the surface.  What will they pierce next?


  1. Love my nape piercings (have 3)

  2. Hey! Just wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Iain Wight from Iron Lotus Body Art recently contacted me to claim some of the work from the awesome photographs I shared above. His is the corset piercing with the blue ribbon, so everyone go online and let him know how gorgeous and super sweet you think it is! 🙂

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