National Ice Cream Day – a Scoop of Style

Did you know that the month of July is National Ice Cream Month?  The month was designated in 1984 by President Ronald Regan, and has been celebrated ever since, also including a National Ice Cream day which falls on the third Sunday in July.  (This year’s holiday was yesterday, July 17th.)

Cool and Colorful Ice Cream

Here in the United States, we celebrate our favorite frozen treat with pomp and panache, consuming more ice cream than any other country in the world, with our most popular flavor still steadily set at good old fashioned vanilla.  So why not become part of the fun by showing off your love of tasty ice cream treats with body jewelry?

Pierced People Eating Ice Cream Treats

Jewelry shaped like food is a growing fashion trend amongst the pierced and non-pierced, with popular items including fruit, sushi, and my personal favorite: desert treats.

Cute Ice Cream Treat Rings and Earrings

Just check out this adorable matching set of pink colored ice cream float pieces.  I love how cute and kitschy this trend is and this is the perfect example; ultra feminine deserts, ice cream, soda, and candy made of enamel, lucite, or lacquer give a cute retro feel and an undeniable hint of flirt.

Ice Cream Float Matching Jewelry

And for those like me who have a belly piercing to show off during these hot Summer months, the navel rings available now are super sweet.  I wish real ice cream was so sparkly!

Ice Cream Cone Belly Rings


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