Black is the New Black – Piercings and the Gothic Subculture

We all know that piercings are a huge part of Gothic youth culture; a gentle touch of hardness that lends the right edge to a generally dark, soft, and beautiful aesthetic.  There are many active trends in piercing amongst the various subcultures that fit under the Gothic umbrella (corset piercing seems to be the most rapidly growing), but lately one of the biggest and best new things is a return to the pureness and subtlety of our favorite nineties style: black on black.

Gothic Styled Woman Wearing Black on Black

Black clothing, make-up, and hair mixed with ink-toned body jewelry is fresh and on fire right now with feminine styles often including emo, romantic gothic, and scene type hairstyles to compliment a pale face and dark jewelry.

Girls With Gothic and Emo styling and Black Piercings

Men’s styling generally remains less ethereal and monochrome, with black tunnels, eyelets, plugs, and tapers being the main focal point of the trend.

Gothic and Emo Guys with Black Piercings

Amazing black piercing jewelry and gauges with intricate textures and designs is becoming more common for both sexes as the availability of more chic and interesting items rises.  Check out some of these gorgeous pieces available online:

Black Gauged Body Jewelry

Also, one interesting and unexpected aside to this ebony inclination is the brilliance of retro style tattoo art with bright and modern coloring, lending an updated feel to the aesthetic.

People with Black Body Jewelry and Tattoo Art

The hue, depth, texture, and elegance of this new style’s elements keep the look from ever washing out.  Simply put, this is not your momma’s black.


  1. Tammy Berkowitz says:

    Hooray for black! (Said the black haired little goth girl) Love it!

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