Body Mod Wow! – Most Pierced, Tattooed, and Modified People in the World

As body modifications continue to rise and the amount of tattoos and piercings on a single person continues to grow, I had to ask, “who’s got the most?”  And here are the answers!


Most Pierced Person in the World

The Most pierced Person in the World

The world’s most pierced person is Brazilian born former nurse and current citizen of the UK, Elaine Davidson.  Elaine began in the mid nineties with a modest collection of 250 piercings.  By 2000 she had won her first world record with 462, reaching the 1000 mark in 2003, and continuing on at an amazing pace.  Her last reported numbers from Summer of last year were absolutely staggering: over 6,700!  You go, girl!

Guinness Record Holder Most Pierced Woman


Most Pierced Man in the World

Most pierced Man in the World

The world’s most pierced man as of the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 Release is John Lynch.  John’s 241 piercings as of March 2010 stole the title from former most pierced man in the world Luis Antonio Aguero, who boasted 230.

Most Pierced Man Holding 2010 Guinness Book


Most Piercings in a Single Sitting

Man With the Most Piercings Done at Once

This record goes to brit Kam Ma, for his amazing 7 hour and 55 minute piercing session in which he was pierced an unbelievable 1,015 times.  He’s also been given the honorary title of Man With the World’s Strongest Pain Threshold, as during his nearly 8 hour record breaking session no anesthetic of any kind was used.


Most Tattooed Woman

Most Tattooed Woman in the World

The most tattooed woman in the world is Julia Gnuse, with a whopping ninety five percent of her body covered in brilliant tattoo art.  The inclusion of such bright coloring, cartoons, and many celebrity caricatures in her tattoos has earned Julia the nickname “The Illustrated Lady.”


Most Tattooed Man

Guinness Record Holder for Most Tattoos

The current Guinness record holder for most tattooed man had so much competition that he needed to do something amazing: cover literally one hundred percent of his body in tattoos.  New Zealand native Lucky Diamond Rich did just that, tattooing his entire body head to toe including his eyelids, lips, inner ears, and some other places that are extremely sensitive.

Full Body Tattoos With Themes

Lucky’s close runners up, some of them former title holders themselves, included Kentucky born Eric Sprague (a.k.a. the Lizard Man), Canadian model (and “Zombie Boy”) Rick “Rico” Genest who recently became the most tattooed man ever to grace the catwalk, Paul Lawrence (also called “The Enigma”) for his interesting full body jigsaw puzzle, and former record holder Tom Leppard or “the Leopard Man.”

Record Breaking Full Body Color Tattooing


Person With the Most Stretched Ear Lobes

Ma With the Largest Stretched Ears

This one goes to a man who calls himself Bear, and his lobes are stretched to an outstanding size: over five an a half inches.


Most Modified Person

Most Modified Person on Earth

Although there is no official decision on this one, the honorary title has been given to American Pauly Unstoppable, who has modified himself with traditional tattoos, ocular (eye) tattoos, brandings, piercings, stretched piercings, scarification, a split tongue, and several different sizes and types of dermal implants.


  1. Justa Maria says:

    OMG! Almost 7,000 piercings on that woman?! How is that even possible? lol. WOW.

  2. Tyson Turk says:

    July 9th 2011 Broke the world record for most piercing in one sitting. We did 3,900 piercing in about 7 hours at Tyson Turk Body Mod Studio in Irving Texas. Check out facebook/TysonTurk and the video is on Youtube.

  3. Wow! Thank you for the update! Well guys, it looks like someone just gave Kam Ma a run for his money. And they even managed to do more than twice as many piercings in roughly the same time frame! Absolutely amazing. Thank you Tyson!

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