Piercing Trends Gone Wrong – The Piercing of….Animals?

Occasionally, a piercing trend gets carried away… in the complete wrong direction!  So when I realized that I was seeing something terrible related to trendy body modification, I just had to share.  And here it is: animal piercings.

Piercing of Animals and Pets

The world was astounded and appalled late in 2008 when a Pennsylvania woman’s home was raided and she was brought up on charges for the weirdest thing ever: piercing kittens.  That’s right, she was piercing little kittens and selling these so called “goth kittens” for amazing sums of money.  The kittens (pictured below), were pierced mostly in the tails, ears, and napes of their necks.

Pierced Kittens from PA

The really interesting thing is, it doesn’t end there.  The internet is awash with photos and home movies showing owners who have pierced the ears, noses, and lips of their pets.  Yowza!

Pierced Animals and Pets

Amongst the most prevalent pierced animalia are dogs and cats, followed by fish (who are also being tattooed, by the way), and rodents like rabbits.

Pet Dogs Who Have Been Pierced

So what can we do?  Well for starters, check out anti-cruelty jewelry lines like Heart U Back.  This company sells beautiful (mostly hypo-allergenic too) jewelry to benefit the ASPCA.  It’s like two birds with one stone: wear the jewelry that sends a positive message about love for your pet, and see a portion of the proceeds go to helping stop animal cruelty.  Bliss!

Heart U Back Jewelry

For those who want to send out powerful vibes about their love of the furry set and against the piercing of them, there’s also a great movement developing as an answer to the initial trend of piercing the fuzzy ones.  Wearing body jewelry in your own piercings that sends a message of love, anti-cruelty, or positivity about animals.

People Wearing Positive Animal Jewelry

Animal Lovers Belly Button Rings


  1. If you choose to have tatoos and peercings thats great. If you choose to do this to animals…it’s wrong

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