Think Pink – Body Jewelry Focus for National Pink Day

Pink, pink, PINK!  Today is National Pink Day, and to celebrate, I’m breaking out a sweet and rosy tribute to that favorite feminine hue: pink.  Pink is everywhere lately in the world of fashion, as a return to classic simplicity and fairytale romance dominates the stage.  This punchy little color is even a macro trend in (would you believe it?) hair right now, with the evolution of carnation color hair starting slowly and working it’s way forward.  Check it out: pinky, pinker, pinkest!

Wild Pink Hair Colors

Perhaps the world has taken a cue from beauty behemoth Chanel, whose modern feminine styles with a hint of edge have strongly featured salmon tones from the beginning?

Pink Clothes and Accessories from Chanel

One thing is for sure; body piercings have snapped up the pink trend and certainly ran with it.  Gone are the days of solid black gauges and clear, inconspicuous gemstones.  It’s time in the here and now for something bright, beautiful, and blush.  I even caught a glimpse of a guy rocking some seriously pinky plugs.  Gutsy, and somehow just what the doctor ordered.

Pink Ear Gauges

Navel piercings of course have been on the rose tone bandwagon forever, but with new styles emerging every day ranging from kawaii cute to red carpet chic, there’s always something fresh to brighten our bellies.  (Is it wrong that I still love Hello Kitty?)

Pink Belly Piercing Jewelry

And pink gem labrets remain a solid body jewelry wardrobe staple.  A gentle touch of pink sparkle to accent a feminine glossy lip?  Yes please.

Rosy Colored Labret Jewelry

Then finally, nose rings.  Pink has taken a back seat in the nose piercing world these past few years in favor of simple sterling and more opulent precious gems, but with the onslaught of septum mania has come a return to the femme, and traditional floral color palettes are back with a vengeance.

Pink Color Nostril and Septum Piercings

So whether pierced or needle hole free, if given the chance on this fine June day, pay some friendly homage, and remember to think pink.

Pink Laced Corset Piercing



  1. Gia Repisi says:

    Wow. I thought I was into pink stuff, but wow. (In a good way.)

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