Hot Summer Piercing Trends: Multiple Piercings

Summer is in full swing (today is the official first day of Summer, yahoo!), and all of that bare skin out there seems to have one thing in common: multiple piercings. The multiple piercings trend is going strong and bigger than ever, but a few mini trends within that scope are definitely standing out above the rest.

One of them is multiple piercings of the nose.  Until very recently, multiple nose piercings were a rare and interesting commodity, but now adays the multiple nose piercings trend, especially when worn with a combination of hoops, has hit a high.  For men, multiple piercings of the same nostril seems to be the hot ticket, while we females have been seen rocking up to five nose piercings at once, and still maintaining a delicate feminine appeal while we do it.  Uber-thin hoops and a mixture of ball captives and studs worn in multiple nasal and/or septum piercings is evolving into a look that’s actually pretty aesthetically pleasing and showcases the beauty of the female nose.

Multiple Piercings of the Nose

Our next stop on the multiple piercings Summer express?  Multiple ear piercings.  Though piercing multiple parts of the ear is nothing new, the evolution of this trend seems to have gone to extremes (and we like it).

Multiple Piercings of the Ear

And surprise, surprise, multiple ear piercings can still be dainty, flirty, and understated as well.  Just take a cue from Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson.  Both stars have multiple ear piercings and coordinate their piercing jewelry to stylish perfection for formal events.

Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson Multiple Ear Piercings

Now we come to the funnest, wackiest new trend to hit the nearly mainstream: multiple facial piercings accented by contact lenses.  Lenses with unnatural colors and designs have emerged from more and more major brands in recent years, and those with sets of several piercings in the nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue, and cheeks are going avant garde, mixing haunting new styles and hues for a look that’s out of this world.

Multiple Facial Piercings and Color Contacts

Our final multiple piercings trend is a bona fide twofer; multiple dermal piercings, and multiple body mod styles.  Yes, I’m talking about the trend of adding dermal anchors and piercings to tattoo art.  Though some opt for a single dermal in representation of a jewel, the vast majority of dermal tattoo accents are seen in multiples.

Multiple Dermal Tattoo Accents

The multiple piercings trend is definitely alive this Summer, with steamy weather bringing out the desire in all of us to show a little more skin, and to make that skin a little bit more interesting.

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