Don’t Panic – It’s Organic!

As stretched ear holes get bigger, so does the market for plugs and tunnels, and one of the coolest most earth-friendly trends that’s blowing up this year is the organic plug.

Made from materials like bone, horn, driftwood, and natural stone, organic is the new hot trend for plugs of all sizes.

Organic Material Plugs and Tunnels

Not only are these materials all natural and eco-friendly (no waiting for enamel or silicone to biodegrade here folks), but the more porous organic materials are also, you guessed it: better for your ears.  The tiny uneven pores in most natural material allow oxygen to pass through, keeping stretched piercings healthier by improving circulation to the skin and preventing nasty piercing odors.

Natural Stone and Wood Plugs

And best thing about this earthy trend?  Availability of organic body jewelry items is finally becoming more widespread.  Bone, wood, and stone aren’t just for ears after all!

Organic Body Jewelry for all Piercings

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