Plug In and Stretch Out – Wild Gauged Piercings

What’s the next step when a piercing trend has gotten stale?  Stretching of course!

Plenty of prominent celebs have stretched their ear piercings (the most commonly stretched piercing worldwide), especially those in the music biz.  Just look at your favorite alternative, pop, and hardcore singers and bandmates like Brandon Boyd from Incubus, Adam Lambert, and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Celebrity Musicians With Gauges

But hold the phone if you think that stretching of the ears is just a boys club extra-curricular, because in today’s day and age, flocks of beautiful women are right there in the mix.

Women With Gorgeous Gauged Ears

Though fun and interesting things are constantly coming about in the wonderful world of stretching or gauging piercings, the idea of stretched modifications is actually nothing new.  Tribes from all over the world have been engaging in this practice for hundreds, and some even thousands of years.  Just check out the examples here: Apatani tribal nose stretching from India (a practice which is now becoming extinct), Mursi lip plating from Ethiopia, South American tribal septum stretching, and a tribeswoman sporting traditional Thai ear modification.

Examples of Tribal Stretching Around the World

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll notice several highly recognizable deities from many different world cultures are depicted with stretched ear lobes.  Amazing, huh?!

Buddha and King Tut Stretched Ears

Hindu and South American Dieties With Stretched Ears

While in the modern era the stretching of ear lobes, noses, labret piercings, and tongues has been taken to new heights and extremes…

Large Diameter Ear Gauging

…ask some of the surviving nomadic tribes thriving around the globe and you may just find that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Beautiful Girl With Gauged Ears


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