New Piercing Trends – Give Your Piercer a Hand

You recently may have noticed that surface piercings are becoming a commonplace body modification, but what do we do once standard body piercings start to become old news?  Simple.  Put them in the most interesting places possible, like the hands.  Hand, finger, and lower wrist piercings are becoming the neatest, most interesting trend in years, and surprisingly enough, the most versatile as well.

Hand Holding Piercing Needle

Starting with piercings of the fingers, this new piercing style quickly moved from standard surface bars, onto dermals that emulated diamond solitaire rings, and finally to…

Fingers Pierced With Dermal Anchors

…well, I’m not really sure what this is called, but I like it.

Finger Pierced to Look Like a Ring

As a contrast to the more mainstreamed look, some even started piercing the underside of their fingers instead, usually worn with a horseshoe that fits around the finger like a makeshift piece of adjustable fashion jewelry.  Then it was piercing of the thumb rather than ring finger or middle finger that had it’s day.

Alternate Styles of Finger Piercing

Now the funnest thing seems to be piercing of the hand “webs,” the areas of flesh between your fingers.  Web piercings first started showing up in the large, thin area between thumb and forefinger, being pierced with either a barbell, horseshoe, or BCR.

Piercings of the Web Between the Thumb and Finger

Then they gradually made their way to the remainder of the finger webbings, and even upwards onto the area of skin between the knuckles.

Other Web and Knuckle Piercings

Piercings at the top of the wrist or back of the hand followed as well, and there you have it.

Wrist Surface Piercing

Wanna rock the hand piercing trend without the pain and healing time?  Go for the next best thing: fingernail piercings.  Whether the nails are real or fake, a nice coat of lacquer and some small, cheap captive rings, and you’re in business.  No trip to the piercer required.

Fingernail Piercings


  1. Kyla Malecki says:

    Exceptional post but I was wondering if you could write a little more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Appreciate it!

  2. I see my hand at the bottom of the page! Lol, nice article!

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I would really like some information about the ring finger jewelry shown in the article. I want to have it done and purchase the piece to fit.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi and thanks for the comment. A lot of people who have ones that actually look like a whole ring just get regular long barbells and have them custom bent by an experienced piercer, but the ones where just a little gem shows are done with dermals. So if you like those, they have pretty nice ones here. Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Yours is the oldest posting I can find of the third image down (the one with the large diamond and the complex piercing scheme) Can you tell me anything about the origin of the image? Thanks!

  6. I sure can! This image (though awe inspiring) is unfortunately a clever fake. It was submitted some time in 2008 to a photo contest titled “Disfiguring Fashion.” The idea is definitely worth a look though, yes? Anyways, if you’d like to see the original, unaltered image, you can view it here: ring piercing

  7. So are you saying that the 3rd picture down isn’t a real piercing?! If so, that sucks as it looks awesome!!

  8. Unfortunately, yeah, it’s fake. I totally agree with you though and I just love the way it looks so much. I’m sure there’s a piercer somewhere who could do this with custom bent jewelry; I just haven’t seen a real one yet.

  9. Vanessa m says:

    Hi I’m thinking of piercing my middle finger how bad is the pain!?

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