Chain Gang: New Piercing Jewelry Trend – Chains

Piercings with chains in them are  officially everywhere!

Indian Style Dangle Nose Chain With Hoop

The nose chain is one of the hottest new celebrity trends, with the flashy and famous stepping out in this traditional Indian wedding adornment at every turn.  Some celebs who have rocked this style: model Nyne, singer Katy Perry, and Hip Hop star Kelis.

Nyne, Katy Perry, and Kelis Wearing Nose Chains

For a less dramatic turn at the traditional Indian nose jewelry trend, it’s also in fashion to wear the Hindu style large diameter nose hoop with or without embellishments.

Indian Style Large Nose Hoop

Another unbelievable piercing chain trend?  Nipple chains.  For those (like Janet Jackson, now known for her Super Bowl slip) who have nipple piercings, owning at least one nipple chain is becoming a must.  Check out this cute one with little sets of dangling cherries.  This fruit is definitely NOT for eating.

Nipple Chain With Captives and Cherries

Next we have the old classic: the belly chain.  For those of you who thought that the belly chain went out with the nineties, I’ve got some exciting news: it’s on the way back with a vengeance.  They even come in unpierced, for those who want a flirty beach accessory without going under the needle.

Pierced Belly Chains

And last on the top chains list, the threader earring.  Threaders are for pierced ears only and basically look like a long chain with a solid piece in the middle and a decoration on one or both ends.  These little beauties are a friend of the A-listers, appearing on Beyonce, Rebecca Romijn, and countless others.

Beyonce and Rebecca Rock Threader Earrings

How many more will join the chain gang?  Only time will tell.


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  2. The first picture is little scary, but sounds interesting.

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