Temporary Contemporary – The New Evolution of Temporary Body Art

Ever since early 2010 when Chanel unveiled it’s upcoming line of temporary body art at the Spring runway show, the temporary tattoo has been in the throws of a comeback.

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Chanel Temporary Body Art Collection

The Chanel line, including fifty five separate tattoo art elements, was made to look something like sophisticated jewelry, but improving upon the trend with characteristic panache, Miss Beyonce Knowles and company teamed up later that year with legendary airbrush artistes Temptu to create a signature line of edgy stick-on art for Dereon.

House of Dereon Limited Edition Temptu Stick On Tattoos

From face painting, to the avant garde, and back again, temporary body art has seen its share of ups and downs.

Temporary Body Art Yesterday and Today

Gone are the days of water soluble pigment-laced papers snatched from the bottom of Cracker Jack boxes.

Cracker Jack Classic Tattoo Prizes

The contemporary nature of skin art is painted, airbrushed, stuck with hypo-allergenic glue; this new breed of brilliant body adornment is full of possibility, and best of all looks real when attempting to.

Body Art Being Painted On

Although temporary staining or pigmentation of the skin is certainly nothing new, even the ancient Indian art of mehndi has experienced an artistic resurgence, with more Westerners indulging and more intricate designs being developed by new imaginative henna artists worldwide.

Henna Body Art

Can you tell which ones are real?  Then neither will she.

Mixture of Real and Fake Tattoos


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