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Piercing Trends Gone Wrong – The Piercing of….Animals?

Occasionally, a piercing trend gets carried away… in the complete wrong direction!  So when I realized that I was seeing something terrible related to trendy body modification, I just had to share.  And here it is: animal piercings.

Piercing of Animals and Pets

The world was astounded and appalled late in 2008 when a Pennsylvania woman’s home was raided and she was brought up on charges for the weirdest thing ever: piercing kittens.  That’s right, she was piercing little kittens and selling these so called “goth kittens” for amazing sums of money.  The kittens (pictured below), were pierced mostly in the tails, ears, and napes of their necks.

Pierced Kittens from PA

The really interesting thing is, it doesn’t end there.  The internet is awash with photos and home movies showing owners who have pierced the ears, noses, and lips of their pets.  Yowza!

Pierced Animals and Pets

Amongst the most prevalent pierced animalia are dogs and cats, followed by fish (who are also being tattooed, by the way), and rodents like rabbits.

Pet Dogs Who Have Been Pierced

So what can we do?  Well for starters, check out anti-cruelty jewelry lines like Heart U Back.  This company sells beautiful (mostly hypo-allergenic too) jewelry to benefit the ASPCA.  It’s like two birds with one stone: wear the jewelry that sends a positive message about love for your pet, and see a portion of the proceeds go to helping stop animal cruelty.  Bliss!

Heart U Back Jewelry

For those who want to send out powerful vibes about their love of the furry set and against the piercing of them, there’s also a great movement developing as an answer to the initial trend of piercing the fuzzy ones.  Wearing body jewelry in your own piercings that sends a message of love, anti-cruelty, or positivity about animals.

People Wearing Positive Animal Jewelry

Animal Lovers Belly Button Rings

Think Pink – Body Jewelry Focus for National Pink Day

Pink, pink, PINK!  Today is National Pink Day, and to celebrate, I’m breaking out a sweet and rosy tribute to that favorite feminine hue: pink.  Pink is everywhere lately in the world of fashion, as a return to classic simplicity and fairytale romance dominates the stage.  This punchy little color is even a macro trend in (would you believe it?) hair right now, with the evolution of carnation color hair starting slowly and working it’s way forward.  Check it out: pinky, pinker, pinkest!

Wild Pink Hair Colors

Perhaps the world has taken a cue from beauty behemoth Chanel, whose modern feminine styles with a hint of edge have strongly featured salmon tones from the beginning?

Pink Clothes and Accessories from Chanel

One thing is for sure; body piercings have snapped up the pink trend and certainly ran with it.  Gone are the days of solid black gauges and clear, inconspicuous gemstones.  It’s time in the here and now for something bright, beautiful, and blush.  I even caught a glimpse of a guy rocking some seriously pinky plugs.  Gutsy, and somehow just what the doctor ordered.

Pink Ear Gauges

Navel piercings of course have been on the rose tone bandwagon forever, but with new styles emerging every day ranging from kawaii cute to red carpet chic, there’s always something fresh to brighten our bellies.  (Is it wrong that I still love Hello Kitty?)

Pink Belly Piercing Jewelry

And pink gem labrets remain a solid body jewelry wardrobe staple.  A gentle touch of pink sparkle to accent a feminine glossy lip?  Yes please.

Rosy Colored Labret Jewelry

Then finally, nose rings.  Pink has taken a back seat in the nose piercing world these past few years in favor of simple sterling and more opulent precious gems, but with the onslaught of septum mania has come a return to the femme, and traditional floral color palettes are back with a vengeance.

Pink Color Nostril and Septum Piercings

So whether pierced or needle hole free, if given the chance on this fine June day, pay some friendly homage, and remember to think pink.

Pink Laced Corset Piercing


Hot Summer Piercing Trends: Multiple Piercings

Summer is in full swing (today is the official first day of Summer, yahoo!), and all of that bare skin out there seems to have one thing in common: multiple piercings. The multiple piercings trend is going strong and bigger than ever, but a few mini trends within that scope are definitely standing out above the rest.

One of them is multiple piercings of the nose.  Until very recently, multiple nose piercings were a rare and interesting commodity, but now adays the multiple nose piercings trend, especially when worn with a combination of hoops, has hit a high.  For men, multiple piercings of the same nostril seems to be the hot ticket, while we females have been seen rocking up to five nose piercings at once, and still maintaining a delicate feminine appeal while we do it.  Uber-thin hoops and a mixture of ball captives and studs worn in multiple nasal and/or septum piercings is evolving into a look that’s actually pretty aesthetically pleasing and showcases the beauty of the female nose.

Multiple Piercings of the Nose

Our next stop on the multiple piercings Summer express?  Multiple ear piercings.  Though piercing multiple parts of the ear is nothing new, the evolution of this trend seems to have gone to extremes (and we like it).

Multiple Piercings of the Ear

And surprise, surprise, multiple ear piercings can still be dainty, flirty, and understated as well.  Just take a cue from Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson.  Both stars have multiple ear piercings and coordinate their piercing jewelry to stylish perfection for formal events.

Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson Multiple Ear Piercings

Now we come to the funnest, wackiest new trend to hit the nearly mainstream: multiple facial piercings accented by contact lenses.  Lenses with unnatural colors and designs have emerged from more and more major brands in recent years, and those with sets of several piercings in the nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue, and cheeks are going avant garde, mixing haunting new styles and hues for a look that’s out of this world.

Multiple Facial Piercings and Color Contacts

Our final multiple piercings trend is a bona fide twofer; multiple dermal piercings, and multiple body mod styles.  Yes, I’m talking about the trend of adding dermal anchors and piercings to tattoo art.  Though some opt for a single dermal in representation of a jewel, the vast majority of dermal tattoo accents are seen in multiples.

Multiple Dermal Tattoo Accents

The multiple piercings trend is definitely alive this Summer, with steamy weather bringing out the desire in all of us to show a little more skin, and to make that skin a little bit more interesting.

Don’t Panic – It’s Organic!

As stretched ear holes get bigger, so does the market for plugs and tunnels, and one of the coolest most earth-friendly trends that’s blowing up this year is the organic plug.

Made from materials like bone, horn, driftwood, and natural stone, organic is the new hot trend for plugs of all sizes.

Organic Material Plugs and Tunnels

Not only are these materials all natural and eco-friendly (no waiting for enamel or silicone to biodegrade here folks), but the more porous organic materials are also, you guessed it: better for your ears.  The tiny uneven pores in most natural material allow oxygen to pass through, keeping stretched piercings healthier by improving circulation to the skin and preventing nasty piercing odors.

Natural Stone and Wood Plugs

And best thing about this earthy trend?  Availability of organic body jewelry items is finally becoming more widespread.  Bone, wood, and stone aren’t just for ears after all!

Organic Body Jewelry for all Piercings

Plug In and Stretch Out – Wild Gauged Piercings

What’s the next step when a piercing trend has gotten stale?  Stretching of course!

Plenty of prominent celebs have stretched their ear piercings (the most commonly stretched piercing worldwide), especially those in the music biz.  Just look at your favorite alternative, pop, and hardcore singers and bandmates like Brandon Boyd from Incubus, Adam Lambert, and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

Celebrity Musicians With Gauges

But hold the phone if you think that stretching of the ears is just a boys club extra-curricular, because in today’s day and age, flocks of beautiful women are right there in the mix.

Women With Gorgeous Gauged Ears

Though fun and interesting things are constantly coming about in the wonderful world of stretching or gauging piercings, the idea of stretched modifications is actually nothing new.  Tribes from all over the world have been engaging in this practice for hundreds, and some even thousands of years.  Just check out the examples here: Apatani tribal nose stretching from India (a practice which is now becoming extinct), Mursi lip plating from Ethiopia, South American tribal septum stretching, and a tribeswoman sporting traditional Thai ear modification.

Examples of Tribal Stretching Around the World

In fact, if you look closely, you’ll notice several highly recognizable deities from many different world cultures are depicted with stretched ear lobes.  Amazing, huh?!

Buddha and King Tut Stretched Ears

Hindu and South American Dieties With Stretched Ears

While in the modern era the stretching of ear lobes, noses, labret piercings, and tongues has been taken to new heights and extremes…

Large Diameter Ear Gauging

…ask some of the surviving nomadic tribes thriving around the globe and you may just find that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Beautiful Girl With Gauged Ears

New Piercing Trends – Give Your Piercer a Hand

You recently may have noticed that surface piercings are becoming a commonplace body modification, but what do we do once standard body piercings start to become old news?  Simple.  Put them in the most interesting places possible, like the hands.  Hand, finger, and lower wrist piercings are becoming the neatest, most interesting trend in years, and surprisingly enough, the most versatile as well.

Hand Holding Piercing Needle

Starting with piercings of the fingers, this new piercing style quickly moved from standard surface bars, onto dermals that emulated diamond solitaire rings, and finally to…

Fingers Pierced With Dermal Anchors

…well, I’m not really sure what this is called, but I like it.

Finger Pierced to Look Like a Ring

As a contrast to the more mainstreamed look, some even started piercing the underside of their fingers instead, usually worn with a horseshoe that fits around the finger like a makeshift piece of adjustable fashion jewelry.  Then it was piercing of the thumb rather than ring finger or middle finger that had it’s day.

Alternate Styles of Finger Piercing

Now the funnest thing seems to be piercing of the hand “webs,” the areas of flesh between your fingers.  Web piercings first started showing up in the large, thin area between thumb and forefinger, being pierced with either a barbell, horseshoe, or BCR.

Piercings of the Web Between the Thumb and Finger

Then they gradually made their way to the remainder of the finger webbings, and even upwards onto the area of skin between the knuckles.

Other Web and Knuckle Piercings

Piercings at the top of the wrist or back of the hand followed as well, and there you have it.

Wrist Surface Piercing

Wanna rock the hand piercing trend without the pain and healing time?  Go for the next best thing: fingernail piercings.  Whether the nails are real or fake, a nice coat of lacquer and some small, cheap captive rings, and you’re in business.  No trip to the piercer required.

Fingernail Piercings

Chain Gang: New Piercing Jewelry Trend – Chains

Piercings with chains in them are  officially everywhere!

Indian Style Dangle Nose Chain With Hoop

The nose chain is one of the hottest new celebrity trends, with the flashy and famous stepping out in this traditional Indian wedding adornment at every turn.  Some celebs who have rocked this style: model Nyne, singer Katy Perry, and Hip Hop star Kelis.

Nyne, Katy Perry, and Kelis Wearing Nose Chains

For a less dramatic turn at the traditional Indian nose jewelry trend, it’s also in fashion to wear the Hindu style large diameter nose hoop with or without embellishments.

Indian Style Large Nose Hoop

Another unbelievable piercing chain trend?  Nipple chains.  For those (like Janet Jackson, now known for her Super Bowl slip) who have nipple piercings, owning at least one nipple chain is becoming a must.  Check out this cute one with little sets of dangling cherries.  This fruit is definitely NOT for eating.

Nipple Chain With Captives and Cherries

Next we have the old classic: the belly chain.  For those of you who thought that the belly chain went out with the nineties, I’ve got some exciting news: it’s on the way back with a vengeance.  They even come in unpierced, for those who want a flirty beach accessory without going under the needle.

Pierced Belly Chains

And last on the top chains list, the threader earring.  Threaders are for pierced ears only and basically look like a long chain with a solid piece in the middle and a decoration on one or both ends.  These little beauties are a friend of the A-listers, appearing on Beyonce, Rebecca Romijn, and countless others.

Beyonce and Rebecca Rock Threader Earrings

How many more will join the chain gang?  Only time will tell.

Temporary Contemporary – The New Evolution of Temporary Body Art

Ever since early 2010 when Chanel unveiled it’s upcoming line of temporary body art at the Spring runway show, the temporary tattoo has been in the throws of a comeback.

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Chanel Temporary Body Art Collection

The Chanel line, including fifty five separate tattoo art elements, was made to look something like sophisticated jewelry, but improving upon the trend with characteristic panache, Miss Beyonce Knowles and company teamed up later that year with legendary airbrush artistes Temptu to create a signature line of edgy stick-on art for Dereon.

House of Dereon Limited Edition Temptu Stick On Tattoos

From face painting, to the avant garde, and back again, temporary body art has seen its share of ups and downs.

Temporary Body Art Yesterday and Today

Gone are the days of water soluble pigment-laced papers snatched from the bottom of Cracker Jack boxes.

Cracker Jack Classic Tattoo Prizes

The contemporary nature of skin art is painted, airbrushed, stuck with hypo-allergenic glue; this new breed of brilliant body adornment is full of possibility, and best of all looks real when attempting to.

Body Art Being Painted On

Although temporary staining or pigmentation of the skin is certainly nothing new, even the ancient Indian art of mehndi has experienced an artistic resurgence, with more Westerners indulging and more intricate designs being developed by new imaginative henna artists worldwide.

Henna Body Art

Can you tell which ones are real?  Then neither will she.

Mixture of Real and Fake Tattoos