Belly Piercings: Amazing New and Upcoming Trends

Has anyone seen the amazing, extreme, and brand new amendments to the traditional belly piercing?  The multiple piercings trend has gone off the Richter, and these new styles of navel adornment are definitely a ten.

Top and Bottom

 Bottom Belly Piercing and Traditional Belly Piercing

Check this out: less extreme than some, but top AND bottom piercings still make a statement.  Some people even get both done at once!


 Multiple Top Rim Belly Piercing

Even more piercings of the top rim, bottom, or both make for more fun…and some interesting jewelry ensembles.

The Cage


Not exactly sure how all four of those barbells are being held together (maybe a custom center ball?) but aren’t you itching to find out?  This is amazing and sure to become a growing trend.

The Flower

 Multiple Piercings Shaped Like a Flower

Not all of us can fit this many piercings in a single navel, but the flowery design they make is sweet, simple, and definitely unique.  This is another one that could definitely make it into the mainstream.  So Summery too!

With Surface Accents


Surface piercings to accent a double belly piercing?  Yes, please!  The fresh new surface bars in this photo look a tad sore, but they say beauty is pain, and wow is this ever beautiful.  The tattoo art accent adds a little something extra too.

With Dermal Accents

Dermals Running Down from the Belly ButtonBelly Accenting Hip Dermals

Skin divers and microdermals are fast becoming one of the most popular, flirty accents to a navel piercing, and it’s easy to see why.  Whether above the hip or down the belly, these sparkly little side kicks turn simple into spectacular. 

Belly piercings: what will they think of next?


  1. I could only fit a top rim and bottom rim piercing and no more because I have a small belly button, but the dermal anchors here are so cute I just might go now and get some. 🙂 Great post.

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