Hot New Piercing Trends: Corset Piercings

One of the newest and most controversial trends in body piercing is blowing up bigger every day: the corset piercing.  The corset piercing, also called a “ladder piercing,” is a set of two or more adjacent rows of surface piercings that are then laced through with a ribbon, chains, lace, or some other material to look like the lacing of a corset.

 Classic Style Corset Piercing

Although corsets have been around since the 16th century, the popularity of better known traditional victorian style corsetry rose massively through the 1970’s to present with the evolution of gothic subcultures in the US and UK.  And from the very first attempts, it was clear that the corset piercing would do the same, starting off with piercings of the back (where corset laces would actually be), and evolving in variation.

 Variation on the Classic Corset PiercingCorset Piercing of the Upper Back

Eventually these unique and interesting piercings moved on to placements in the legs,

Corset Piercing of the ThighsCorset Piercing on the Lower Leg

arms, hands, feet, chest, throat, and sides of the body, some even arranging their piercings in intricate designs or multiple rows.

 Corset Neck PiercingCorset Piercing on Top of FootArm Corset PiercingCorset Piercing Along the Obliques

The thing about corset piercing in general, is that for most people it’s temporary.  As with any large collection of surface piercings, there’s a heavy risk of migration or rejection, and with placements in difficult to reach and hard to care for parts of the body, the instance of infection and sometimes severe permanent scarring is very high.  For these reasons, most corset piercings are done with captive rings of some type, laced through for photographing, and then removed so that the wounds can properly heal.

Corset Piercings Being Performed with BCRs 

Those who do have healed corset piercings have likely gone through a very painstaking and lengthy healing process, and very rarely leave ribbons or laces in for more than a few hours. 

Healed Up Corset Piercing on the Arm

Healed Polygon Corset Piercing

Some of the most successful known healing measures for people who are seriously committed to a permanent corset piercing are getting a “short corset” (four to ten piercings total) which is easier to handle, getting pierced with regular surface bars and allowing full healing before replacing them with bondage bars or captives, and getting small sets of piercings separately which can then be connected if desired. 

 Short CorsetCorset Piercing Done With Surface BarsMultiple Separate Corset Piercings

Some experimentation has apparently been done with healing corset piercings as transdermals, which can then have a screw-on dermal top attached that is tipped with a ring, but the idea is definitely still in development.  Although, with this new piercing trend, as with many others, it’s pretty obvious that the best is yet to come.

Two Matching Sets of Corset Piercings

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