Amazing Dermal Piercings and Gorgeous New Jewelry Styles

Dermal Implants are one of the funnest new body modifications, and now that the practice is firmly established, there are lots of trends emerging in all three major types of implant.

1. Subdermal Implants

A subdermal implant is an object that is surgically implanted beneath the layers of the skin (or dermis), with no holes or exit points left behind.  Essentially, the shape remains beneath the skin so that it’s design can be seen, but no part protrudes from the skin.  Because they are meant to remain underneath, these types of implants have no removable parts and must be surgically removed.

One of the fresh trends in subdermals is the hand implant.  Usually in simple shapes like hearts and horseshoes, dermals on the back of the hand are becoming increasingly common among both women and men.

Subdermal Heart on Woman's HandBack of Hand With Subdermal Horseshoe

Amongst the most popular subdermal shapes: stars.

Star Subdermal on ForearmSubdermal Star Horn on ForeheadStar Subdermal on Hand

And the newest additions to the subdermal family: intraocular implants (shapes implanted in the cornea and visible inside the eye) and the amazing subdermal magnet.  That’s right, they actually implant magnets like this one in the fingertip.  Amazing, yes?

Intraocular Heart ImplantMagnet Subdermal Implant in Finger

2. Transdermal Implants

Transdermals have a portion which lays underneath the skin, and also a part that exits the skin through a piercing.  The anchor (the part inside the skin) is implanted through a small surgical slit made close to the place on the body where you want the jewelry to be, and then a hole is punched through the skin so that the piece that will be seen can easily protrude.  Then a decorative topper is screwed onto the part of the anchor that comes through the pierced hole.  Decorations can be changed for these implants, but the anchor that remains under the dermis can’t.

3. Microdermal Implants

Microdermals are the most common of the dermal implants, and involve a less invasive procedure and fewer risks.  When completed, this type of implant gives a similar look to a transdermal, with small gems or decorations that are interchangeable resting above the skin’s surface and a small anchor embedded below.  These commonly heal much like a standard piercing and can be placed at almost any location.

Knuckles With MicrodermalsLarge Microdermal Design on Womans Back

Some of the most on-trend places for microdermal implantations right now are the nape of the neck, the knuckles (or on a single finger, which is meant to represent a ring), the back, the cheeks, and around the hips or abdomen (usually as accompaniment to belly piercings).

Microdermal Triple Nape PiercingMicrodermal Finger or "Ring" PiercingMicrodermal Piercing in the CheekMicrodermal Tripple Hip Piercing


  1. I love dermal piercings! My girlfriend has six of em. Two on her cheek, three around her belly button, and one on her ring finger. They’re super sexy.

  2. What’s Happening I’m new to this, I stumbled upon this and found it pretty sweet. I’m hoping to contribute & help others like its helped me. Great job.

  3. For microdermals did anyone here use some sort of numbing agent to help with the pain, my mother has one on her chest but it seemed to not help very much. I want the triple on the hip and was wondering if there were any that helped others more with the pain. I deal with pain pretty well with my other 14 piercings and tattoo but getting three in one day seems pretty painful.

  4. MariaSimone5Starr says:

    I am seeing this form of body art for the first time right now and have completely and totally fallen head over heels in love!!! I rather enjoy certain types of inflicted physical pain but have had bad luck with tattoos I think bc of the length of time I have to endure the pain. I KNOW without a doubt this is for me. I cannot wait to do more research and then decide where my first will be and then the artist to do it, silly me, I meant to say “them”, the artist to do them!

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