Modern Twists on Classic Body Piercings

Looking for a new spin on your old piercings?  Look no further.  We’ve got the goods on the latest innovations that are bringing seasoned piercings up to date, and how your old jewelry is being worn in amazing new ways.

Girl with Traditional Bridge Piercing

The bridge piercing is relatively new to the scene, but even in its infancy innovations are already coming through.  For an updated look check out the double bridge piercing, and the vertical bridge or “third eye.”

Multiple Bridge PiercingsInteresting Verticle Bridge Piercing

Ear piercing is by far the oldest know type of body piercing, with mummies from ancient Egypt discovered still wearing earrings.  Gauging or stretching those piercings is thousands of years old as well, but some of the fun new ways to wear ear piercing jewelry are spicing up this ancient tradition and giving it a modern spin.  Here we have a BCR worn through a tunnel, dangling pierced earrings worn through a tunnel, and even multiple gauged ear holes spun through with a spiral barbell.  These folks are definitely keeping their look fresh.

Tunnels Worn With BCRs and Other Earrings

Even in lip piercings new trends are emerging.  From regular lip rings, to snake bites, and now the double lip hoop is having its day.  This trend is less interesting and exciting, but it certainly gives a new, modern twist to the good old lip piercing.  And two, or even three lip piercings placed extremely close together when worn in a single color gives a neat, almost stripy effect to the piercing.

Double Lip Piercing Worn With HoopsTwo BCRs Worn in the Lip

Neat Triple Lip Piercing

Innovation in the world of piercing and body jewelry is continuing to spread, and I can’t wait to see what piercers and those who are modified come up with next!


  1. Vikki H says:

    Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! Keep up the good work!

  2. Darlene Lucky says:

    I agree. Love this post and all the others I read. Really Good stuff. 🙂

  3. Donna Gerrald says:

    So I know when you have two lip piercing it’s called “spider bite”, but what’s it called when you have three? Mutant spider bite maybe? lol

  4. BloodOfAnAngel says:

    I have spiderbites, but they’re further apart.. so tempted to get a third piercing in the middle now…
    Mutant spiderbites sounds too weird.
    maybe bat bite… If I do mine I’m calling it bat bites k 🙂

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