Celebrity Body Piercing Trendsetters – Looking Back

In recent years body piercing has been becoming more popular and new and different trends have started to pop up.  So it only seems natural with the constancy of media exposure that celebrities who get pierced would set their own trends in the world of piercing and body modification.  Here we take a look back at some of the cutest, oddest, and most interesting trends perpetrated by those celebrities who have gone under the needle.


Remember when….

Christina Aguilera Labret Stud

Christina Aguilera made labret piercings hot for girls?  From its inception, the labret piercing was seen mostly on men, partially because it’s placement (especially when worn as a traditional spike) seems to vaguely reference the image of a goatee or trimmed beard.  So when young and trendy blond pop star Christina showed up with a very visible labret stud, a lot of us found ourselves a little confused.  But after seeing it paired with the ultra feminine pink lip and flowery nose studs the star rocked at the time, suddenly the labret became not just unisex, but even girly, and the trend of female labret piercings exploded.

Katrina Kaif Labret Gem

Later seen wearing an even bigger, more sparkly gem stud below the lip: Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif.


Remember when…

Amy Lee With Eyebrow PiercingFergie Wearing Eyebrow Ring

The eyebrow piercing went trans-genre?  Thanks to curvy vocalists Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) and Amy Lee (Evanescence), the eyebrow ring brought edge AND delicate appeal to the disparate styles of both Hip Hop and Hardcore.  This genre defying piercing is still prevalent amongst Hard Rockers and Emo fans, as well as Rappers and R&B aficionados. Strange but true.


And recently…

Scarlett Johansson Septum PiercingHayley Williams With New Septum Piercing

The newest female celebrity body piercing trend has blown up!  That’s right, I’m talking about the septum piercing.  This piercing is everywhere, and the numbers are only going to grow, as the cutest, most surprisingly feminine piercing gains new followings world wide.  Amongst the pierced and proud in the celebrity septum family: actress Scarlett Johansson, front woman Hayley Williams of Paramore, songbird Kelis, and icon Janet Jackson.  (Janet has actually had her septum done for years, along with several other piercings that she has accumulated over time.)

Kelis With Her Septum Pierced

Icon Janet Jackson Septum Piercing


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