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Belly Piercings: Amazing New and Upcoming Trends

Has anyone seen the amazing, extreme, and brand new amendments to the traditional belly piercing?  The multiple piercings trend has gone off the Richter, and these new styles of navel adornment are definitely a ten.

Top and Bottom

 Bottom Belly Piercing and Traditional Belly Piercing

Check this out: less extreme than some, but top AND bottom piercings still make a statement.  Some people even get both done at once!


 Multiple Top Rim Belly Piercing

Even more piercings of the top rim, bottom, or both make for more fun…and some interesting jewelry ensembles.

The Cage


Not exactly sure how all four of those barbells are being held together (maybe a custom center ball?) but aren’t you itching to find out?  This is amazing and sure to become a growing trend.

The Flower

 Multiple Piercings Shaped Like a Flower

Not all of us can fit this many piercings in a single navel, but the flowery design they make is sweet, simple, and definitely unique.  This is another one that could definitely make it into the mainstream.  So Summery too!

With Surface Accents


Surface piercings to accent a double belly piercing?  Yes, please!  The fresh new surface bars in this photo look a tad sore, but they say beauty is pain, and wow is this ever beautiful.  The tattoo art accent adds a little something extra too.

With Dermal Accents

Dermals Running Down from the Belly ButtonBelly Accenting Hip Dermals

Skin divers and microdermals are fast becoming one of the most popular, flirty accents to a navel piercing, and it’s easy to see why.  Whether above the hip or down the belly, these sparkly little side kicks turn simple into spectacular. 

Belly piercings: what will they think of next?

Hot New Piercing Trends: Corset Piercings

One of the newest and most controversial trends in body piercing is blowing up bigger every day: the corset piercing.  The corset piercing, also called a “ladder piercing,” is a set of two or more adjacent rows of surface piercings that are then laced through with a ribbon, chains, lace, or some other material to look like the lacing of a corset.

 Classic Style Corset Piercing

Although corsets have been around since the 16th century, the popularity of better known traditional victorian style corsetry rose massively through the 1970’s to present with the evolution of gothic subcultures in the US and UK.  And from the very first attempts, it was clear that the corset piercing would do the same, starting off with piercings of the back (where corset laces would actually be), and evolving in variation.

 Variation on the Classic Corset PiercingCorset Piercing of the Upper Back

Eventually these unique and interesting piercings moved on to placements in the legs,

Corset Piercing of the ThighsCorset Piercing on the Lower Leg

arms, hands, feet, chest, throat, and sides of the body, some even arranging their piercings in intricate designs or multiple rows.

 Corset Neck PiercingCorset Piercing on Top of FootArm Corset PiercingCorset Piercing Along the Obliques

The thing about corset piercing in general, is that for most people it’s temporary.  As with any large collection of surface piercings, there’s a heavy risk of migration or rejection, and with placements in difficult to reach and hard to care for parts of the body, the instance of infection and sometimes severe permanent scarring is very high.  For these reasons, most corset piercings are done with captive rings of some type, laced through for photographing, and then removed so that the wounds can properly heal.

Corset Piercings Being Performed with BCRs 

Those who do have healed corset piercings have likely gone through a very painstaking and lengthy healing process, and very rarely leave ribbons or laces in for more than a few hours. 

Healed Up Corset Piercing on the Arm

Healed Polygon Corset Piercing

Some of the most successful known healing measures for people who are seriously committed to a permanent corset piercing are getting a “short corset” (four to ten piercings total) which is easier to handle, getting pierced with regular surface bars and allowing full healing before replacing them with bondage bars or captives, and getting small sets of piercings separately which can then be connected if desired. 

 Short CorsetCorset Piercing Done With Surface BarsMultiple Separate Corset Piercings

Some experimentation has apparently been done with healing corset piercings as transdermals, which can then have a screw-on dermal top attached that is tipped with a ring, but the idea is definitely still in development.  Although, with this new piercing trend, as with many others, it’s pretty obvious that the best is yet to come.

Two Matching Sets of Corset Piercings

Famously Bejeweled – Which Celebrities Are Pierced

Almost all big celebrities have their ears pierced now adays, but some of them have some pretty amazing body piercings too.  So here is a list of the most famous film, television, and music personalities and some of their best and most interesting piercings.

Some of the biggest celebrities who’ve had a nose piercing?  Alyssa Milano, Lenny Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Clarkson.

Alyssa Milano's Nose PiercingLenny Kravitz Nose Piercings

Miley Cyrus Got a Nose PiercingPink Show Off Her Nose Ring

Starlets who have worn some gorgeous belly rings?  Keira Knightley, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Koena Mitra, and Lindsay Lohan.  Also said to have belly piercings that seldom show: Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne.

Keira Knightley's Gorgeous Belly PiercingBrit Flashes Her Dangling Belly RingBeyonce Knowles With Belly RingJessica Alba Shows Off Her Pierced BellyKoena Mitra's Bollywood Belly Piercing

Who says lip hoops and monroe rings are just for girls?  Two of our favorite male musicians have amazing looking lip rings that really set a mood: Davey Havok of AFI and Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes. 

Davey Havok From AFI's Lip RingTravy Makes the Monroe Masculine

Some celebrities have even gone through the swelling and healing process of getting a tongue piercing.  Among them are Drew Barrymore, Mel B (formerly of the Spice Girls), and rockstar import Bill Kaulitz, frontman of the popular band Tokyo Hotel.

Drew Barrymore With Tongue RingMel B Sticks Out Her Pierced TongueBill Kaulitz Reveals His Tongue Piercing

And Finally, sporting the coolest labret rings in the business, Seth Binzer (member of the hit-making 90’s band Crazy Town) and David Draiman (lead singer of Disturbed) who pioneered the double labret worn with curved spikes.  He made this look so popular that the style of labret spikes David wears are now sometimes referred to as “Disturbed Labret.”

Seth Binzer Wearing His Labret RingLabret Trend-setter David Draiman

Amazing Dermal Piercings and Gorgeous New Jewelry Styles

Dermal Implants are one of the funnest new body modifications, and now that the practice is firmly established, there are lots of trends emerging in all three major types of implant.

1. Subdermal Implants

A subdermal implant is an object that is surgically implanted beneath the layers of the skin (or dermis), with no holes or exit points left behind.  Essentially, the shape remains beneath the skin so that it’s design can be seen, but no part protrudes from the skin.  Because they are meant to remain underneath, these types of implants have no removable parts and must be surgically removed.

One of the fresh trends in subdermals is the hand implant.  Usually in simple shapes like hearts and horseshoes, dermals on the back of the hand are becoming increasingly common among both women and men.

Subdermal Heart on Woman's HandBack of Hand With Subdermal Horseshoe

Amongst the most popular subdermal shapes: stars.

Star Subdermal on ForearmSubdermal Star Horn on ForeheadStar Subdermal on Hand

And the newest additions to the subdermal family: intraocular implants (shapes implanted in the cornea and visible inside the eye) and the amazing subdermal magnet.  That’s right, they actually implant magnets like this one in the fingertip.  Amazing, yes?

Intraocular Heart ImplantMagnet Subdermal Implant in Finger

2. Transdermal Implants

Transdermals have a portion which lays underneath the skin, and also a part that exits the skin through a piercing.  The anchor (the part inside the skin) is implanted through a small surgical slit made close to the place on the body where you want the jewelry to be, and then a hole is punched through the skin so that the piece that will be seen can easily protrude.  Then a decorative topper is screwed onto the part of the anchor that comes through the pierced hole.  Decorations can be changed for these implants, but the anchor that remains under the dermis can’t.

3. Microdermal Implants

Microdermals are the most common of the dermal implants, and involve a less invasive procedure and fewer risks.  When completed, this type of implant gives a similar look to a transdermal, with small gems or decorations that are interchangeable resting above the skin’s surface and a small anchor embedded below.  These commonly heal much like a standard piercing and can be placed at almost any location.

Knuckles With MicrodermalsLarge Microdermal Design on Womans Back

Some of the most on-trend places for microdermal implantations right now are the nape of the neck, the knuckles (or on a single finger, which is meant to represent a ring), the back, the cheeks, and around the hips or abdomen (usually as accompaniment to belly piercings).

Microdermal Triple Nape PiercingMicrodermal Finger or "Ring" PiercingMicrodermal Piercing in the CheekMicrodermal Tripple Hip Piercing

What’s New in Piercing – Amazing Body Mod Trends

Now that piercing and body modification have become so available and prevalent, new trends have begun to spark up in piercings, body jewelry, and unlikely modifications. So without further ado, here are some things I saw that are interesting, provocative, creepy, and just plain amazing.

The vampire piercing

Double Vampire Mouth PiercingsVampire Piercing

The vampire is a piercing of the upper frenulums, the tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums.  Whether your teeth are pointed or not, this piercing (normally worn with closure rings or BCR’s) is admittedly a little creepy, but still fascinating and somewhat visually appealing.  Care must be taken however, to avoid captive pieces from wearing down the gums in the pierced area of the mouth.

The Vampire’s Kiss

Vampires Kiss Neck  Surface PiercingVampire Kiss Piercing With Red Gems

This is exactly what it sounds like: a piercing that mimics a vampire bite.  Love this one with sparkling red gems that allude to drops of blood.  This one will definitely get you noticed.

The Dimple Piercing

Pierced Facial Dimples

Just plain cute.  Some people who don’t have dimples have even paid to have them surgically created just so that they can be pierced.  I don’t think I could pull this one off, but our subject here looks right at home.  Definitely sweet.

The Tongue Zipper

Forked Tongue Pierced to Look Like a Zipper

We’ve all seen surgically forked tongues pierced in tons of different ways, but this amazing little zipper definitely caught my attention.  This looks like it would hurt, but you can’t help being envious of just how interesting and thought provoking this piece of body art is.  It’s pretty exceptional.

The Nape Piercing

Nape of the Neck Surface Piercing

This is kind of a different take on the vampire’s kiss piercing, but the thing that sets the nape piercing apart is it’s allure.  Unless the hair is very short, when left down only glimpses of the barbell will be visible.  Very mysterious.  No wonder so many of these are popping up.

The Eyelid Piercing

Eyelid Piercing

Allowing somebody to pierce your eyelid is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It’s also apparently less than comfortable to live with for at least a few days once its done, but this slightly eerie captive piercing certainly has some charm.  Given the risks verses the rewards though, this is one to only try if you’re extremely committed.

Modern Twists on Classic Body Piercings

Looking for a new spin on your old piercings?  Look no further.  We’ve got the goods on the latest innovations that are bringing seasoned piercings up to date, and how your old jewelry is being worn in amazing new ways.

Girl with Traditional Bridge Piercing

The bridge piercing is relatively new to the scene, but even in its infancy innovations are already coming through.  For an updated look check out the double bridge piercing, and the vertical bridge or “third eye.”

Multiple Bridge PiercingsInteresting Verticle Bridge Piercing

Ear piercing is by far the oldest know type of body piercing, with mummies from ancient Egypt discovered still wearing earrings.  Gauging or stretching those piercings is thousands of years old as well, but some of the fun new ways to wear ear piercing jewelry are spicing up this ancient tradition and giving it a modern spin.  Here we have a BCR worn through a tunnel, dangling pierced earrings worn through a tunnel, and even multiple gauged ear holes spun through with a spiral barbell.  These folks are definitely keeping their look fresh.

Tunnels Worn With BCRs and Other Earrings

Even in lip piercings new trends are emerging.  From regular lip rings, to snake bites, and now the double lip hoop is having its day.  This trend is less interesting and exciting, but it certainly gives a new, modern twist to the good old lip piercing.  And two, or even three lip piercings placed extremely close together when worn in a single color gives a neat, almost stripy effect to the piercing.

Double Lip Piercing Worn With HoopsTwo BCRs Worn in the Lip

Neat Triple Lip Piercing

Innovation in the world of piercing and body jewelry is continuing to spread, and I can’t wait to see what piercers and those who are modified come up with next!

Celebrity Body Piercing Trendsetters – Looking Back

In recent years body piercing has been becoming more popular and new and different trends have started to pop up.  So it only seems natural with the constancy of media exposure that celebrities who get pierced would set their own trends in the world of piercing and body modification.  Here we take a look back at some of the cutest, oddest, and most interesting trends perpetrated by those celebrities who have gone under the needle.


Remember when….

Christina Aguilera Labret Stud

Christina Aguilera made labret piercings hot for girls?  From its inception, the labret piercing was seen mostly on men, partially because it’s placement (especially when worn as a traditional spike) seems to vaguely reference the image of a goatee or trimmed beard.  So when young and trendy blond pop star Christina showed up with a very visible labret stud, a lot of us found ourselves a little confused.  But after seeing it paired with the ultra feminine pink lip and flowery nose studs the star rocked at the time, suddenly the labret became not just unisex, but even girly, and the trend of female labret piercings exploded.

Katrina Kaif Labret Gem

Later seen wearing an even bigger, more sparkly gem stud below the lip: Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif.


Remember when…

Amy Lee With Eyebrow PiercingFergie Wearing Eyebrow Ring

The eyebrow piercing went trans-genre?  Thanks to curvy vocalists Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) and Amy Lee (Evanescence), the eyebrow ring brought edge AND delicate appeal to the disparate styles of both Hip Hop and Hardcore.  This genre defying piercing is still prevalent amongst Hard Rockers and Emo fans, as well as Rappers and R&B aficionados. Strange but true.


And recently…

Scarlett Johansson Septum PiercingHayley Williams With New Septum Piercing

The newest female celebrity body piercing trend has blown up!  That’s right, I’m talking about the septum piercing.  This piercing is everywhere, and the numbers are only going to grow, as the cutest, most surprisingly feminine piercing gains new followings world wide.  Amongst the pierced and proud in the celebrity septum family: actress Scarlett Johansson, front woman Hayley Williams of Paramore, songbird Kelis, and icon Janet Jackson.  (Janet has actually had her septum done for years, along with several other piercings that she has accumulated over time.)

Kelis With Her Septum Pierced

Icon Janet Jackson Septum Piercing