It’s Almost October… Here’s Some Halloween Style Inspiration

It’s almost October 1st, and we all know what that means. It’s time to let your inner witchy girl out. Evil or fun? Skeletons or ghouls? You can wear all of your favorite Halloween things… and you can even put ’em in your piercings!

Halloween Body Jewelry

What about some spooky makeup trends? Metallic lip color is all the rage right now! If you’re not feeling adventurous, nudes are always in. A glistening highlight, some perfect wings and you’ve got an awesome Halloween look, with or without a costume.

Fawn Makeup Red Lips Halloween Winged EyelinerOpalite Moonstone Stone Plugs TunnelsNatural Makeup Nude Lips Shimmer Metallic Pink

You can also keep it simple with black body jewelry that you can wear year round. Not everyone wants a spider web hanging from their ear, but a sparkling black diamond in your nose is just as bold!

Blackline Titanium Body Jewelry

What are some of your favorite fall and Halloween inspired looks this year?

MTV VMA Stars: Modified Style Inspiration Through The Years

MTV VMA's Stars: Modified Style Inspiration Through The Years

The VMA’s are known every year for shocking and entertaining the masses. From controversy to fashion, people all over the world tune in to see what kind of fabulous their favorite celebrities will bring to the red carpet each year.

We’ve compiled a brief list of a few favorite modified celebrities for your viewing pleasure.



We’re dubbing Rihanna our new favorite queen. Outside of her amazing talent, the girl’s got body mods we just can’t get enough of! Tattoos, multiple ear piercings, her septum and the newest addition to her collection seems to be a nipple piercing. Her laid back style (if you caught her all pink outfit on the VMA’s last night) with a twist makes us feel all kinds of cozy, but this girl can do sexy bad ass just as well. Fashion #goals… anyone?


Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Isn’t it great to see Britney back after all these years?! And looking absolutely great, we must add. Britney’s past VMA looks have proved to be shocking and wonderful. Think belly piercings, belly chains, and tons of sparkling gems. Even her older and more sophisticated style still boasts an “I’ve got it, I’m gonna flaunt it” attitude. It’s no coincidence that she’s inspired some pierced and proud babe’s out there.


Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina’s piercings may be a thing of the past, but no one’s going to forget that easily. Tongue piercing, loads of ear piercings, nose, lip… phew! Also known to rock the nipple ring, Christina took is a step further. Scandal broke out around her intimate piercing at one point. What’s more inspirational than being a woman who’s not afraid to get a little bit “Dirrty”!? (Sadly, she’s since then removed nearly all of her mods, but we still love her for them nonetheless.) PS – Colorful clip-in extensions. That’s some style inspiration we still stand behind!


Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro

Let’s take a second to appreciate the body modified dudes of celebrity culture. Stretched lobes, earrings, tattoos. He’s also in on the nipple piercing trend, too! It may not be much of a stretch (pun intended) when you consider his grunge rock brethren, but proving that piercings and tattoos can be a well respected part of mainstream culture for men is iconic.


Amber Rose

Amber Rose

And we’re back to the bad ass females. Amber’s no stranger to controversy, and her bold nipple piercings are the perfect compliment to her give no f*#%s attitude. Her celeb spotlight is often drowned out by lovers past (Kanye and Wiz Khalifa), but we think it’s great to point out Amber’s strength! Women empowering other women, and doing it with style that screams confidence and pride? We’re on board.


Who are your favorite pierced celebrities?

How To Hide Your Body Piercings For Work, School, etc.

Blog Header - How To Hide Your Piercings

The last thing we want to tell you to do is hide your piercings. If it were up to us, let it all hang out would be a motto to live by. Unfortunately, professional and educational settings can be restricting. Or parents… yikes!


While most high school dress codes are seeing an improvement on leniency, and some employers are adopting a more laid back attitude towards office attire (especially on the west coast), it can still be a problem in terms of what’s acceptable and when.


Facial piercings are most often under scrutiny. Food service industry standards almost always require them to be removed, as the risk of infections can be a danger to FDA regulations set for the business. Other employers may even require you remove the piercing completely to comply to their conservative company standards. However, if you can get away with it, there are ways to hide and keep your piercings.

Nose, Lip, Cartilage, Belly, Tongue Retainers

Solution: clear body jewelry. Most often made from bioplast of PTFE, clear pieces can be worn to temporarily disguise a piercing.


The popular septum piercing takes another route to blending in. Retainers make it possible to flip your jewelry to hide it. Simply tuck the ends that stick out of your nostrils up inside your nostrils during work hours, and bring ’em back down when you’re out. How cool is that?!

Septum Retainers

Limitations do hit a wall when it comes to stretching. If you’ve got stretched lobes, you’re going to have to hope for an open-minded employer. They do exist! After all, who really wants to work for a company who doesn’t respect them as an individual?


Do you have any useful tips and tricks for hiding your piercings?

Summer 2016 Trends: “Dainty” Body Jewelry

Dainty Body Jewelry

As is true in fashion, body jewelry trends change all of the time. Pop culture icons sporting a new style of jewelry or type of piercing, fashion industry looks drawing on styles of decades past, and not to mention the growing appreciation of having that unique look – we see it all, and we hear ya!

This year’s hottest body jewelry style has taken a turn for the simpler life. Minimalist lifestyles are big right now, so it’s no surprise!

How do you obtain that dainty look with your body piercings? Keep it simple. All metal surfaces are great, but a few sparkling gems won’t hurt. Remember the point is to create a look that’s sophisticated, clean and goes with anything.

Stackable rings and bangle bracelets are popular amongst fashion jewelry trends right now. The ability to mix and match or wear these pieces alone makes them a perfect way to accessorize! Especially in these summer months – the less work it takes to create a look, the better!

Here’s 3 body piercings you can style perfectly with this year’s dainty trend:


Nose Piercings

Nose Rings


Septum Piercings

Septum Piercings


Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage Earrings


Alternative Migraine Relief: Daith Piercings

Alternative Migraine Cures- (1)

Daith piercings are on the rise this year. Understandably… they’re super cute! The inner cartilage piercing can be accessorized with a ride array of jewelry, ranging from simple curved barbells and segment rings to elaborate captive rings, and even septum clickers.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons the daith piercing has increased in popularity is the rumored benefit for those who suffer from migraines. Many who experience these excruciating headaches go through countless trial & error processes trying to find relief. Piercing a hole in your body to test out an unproven theory might seem kind of crazy, but I recently started suffering from migraines, and let me tell you – It’s a risk worth taking!


Even if you find your migraines still remain, at least you still have this cute new piercing to accessorize!


Daith Piercings

The location of the piercing happens to be an acupuncture pressure point. Although the effect the piercing has cannot be directly related to an actual acupuncture procedure, it is still being examined as another “alternative” form of treatment for migraines. In theory, piercing this area could provide something more than a placebo effect. As for fully curing migraines… eh, not so much. If anything a daith piercing will lessen the frequency of the headaches, which in turn decreases drug dependency. If you could eliminate the need to depend on medication for relief, would you?


Have you felt migraine relief due to a daith piercing? Do you have any alternative approaches to migraine relief that you’ve found work? Share with us in the comments below!